Oprah Made This Extremely Rare Bag Sell Out on Amazon — but It Just Came Back in Stock

Oprah Made This Extremely Rare Bag Sell Out on Amazon — but It Just Came Back in Stock


Earlier this month, Oprah made an impossibly popular bag (to the point where it’s practically impossible to buy) even more popular. But rather than make the bag even further out of reach, she arranged for it to become available on Amazon for anyone to buy. That is, until it sold out (again).

The Telfar Shopping Bag’s ascent into otherworldly levels of demand cannot be overstated: Named one of InStyle’s Hottest Bags of the Summer, dubbed the Lyst Index’s top overall product of 2020, and now crowned the only bag to make Oprah’s Favorite Things list, it’s undoubtedly the Telfar Shopping Bag’s year.

Despite Oprah, Amazon, and Telfar’s joint effort to make the bag as widely available as possible — unlike other luxury brands, Telfar’s ethos is radically inclusive — wildly eager fans bought out the retailer’s entire stock within hours. Those familiar with Telfar will know such events are common on the designer’s website, where the bags were exclusively sold before launching on Amazon, though sell-outs would happen within minutes rather than hours.

Buy It Telfar Medium Shopping Bag, $202; amazon.com

Today, however, avid fans have been given another chance to shop the elusive bag. Three colors, including cream, dark olive, and navy, have been re-added to the site for purchase and pre-purchase at their usual price of $202. Cream and dark olive are scheduled for re-stock by November 22 (which is just days away!) and navy blue is available now, which means you could get it even sooner.

Because of the outsize demand, Telfar’s Shopping Bag has since earned the title of #1 New Release in Women’s Tote Handbags, as if the bag could handle more accolades. With its proven track record of sell-outs, we’re guaranteeing this bag won’t be in stock for long. Shop the Oprah-loved bag at Amazon while you still can.

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