No.21 Resort 2022

No.21 Resort 2022


For resort, Alessandro dell’Acqua said he wanted to celebrate freedom.

“This collection is all about feeling free, without observing established rules and feeling constricted,” the designer said during a walk-through at No. 21’s Milan headquarters.

Contrasts took center stage. Urban essentials, glamorous touches and sporty elements – these borrowed from the world of water sports, in particular surfing – were all mixed and matched into charming pieces and outfits.

No.21 Resort 2022

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For example, a scuba top, echoing the ergonomic silhouettes of surfing suits, was embellished with a cascade of sequins, while a plaid shirt jacket was peppered with flamboyant feathers and incorporated a technical zipper on the back.

Chic embroidered tea dresses were layered over neoprene pants; lace tops were matched with cotton fleece baggy shorts, while macramé techniques were used on oversized canvas shirts.

The brand’s signature knitwear, available for men and women, spanned from chunky multicolor sweaters to essential ribbed designs with a 90s vibe, including fitted tops, flared pants and sensual jumpsuits.

Keeping the lineup concise and very focused, Dell’Acqua succeeded in telegraphing a strong message, presenting an appealing evolution of his contemporary brand’s signature aesthetic – with the accent on easy-to-wear design clothing.

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