My M&S mirror was covered in rust but I didn't want to buy a new one – a 10p hack Mrs Hinch fans love totally saved it | The Sun

My M&S mirror was covered in rust but I didn't want to buy a new one – a 10p hack Mrs Hinch fans love totally saved it | The Sun


A FAN of Mrs Hinch has shared how she removed nasty rust from her mirror with an easy cleaning hack that required almost no effort.

Sarah Brigstock took to Facebook to reveal the incredible transformation, sharing Before and After snaps of the mirror, which she had snapped up from Marks & Spencer.

According to the woman, who shared the savvy cleaning hack on the popular Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips group online, the answer to a rust-free furniture can be found in your kitchen – the popular condiment, ketchup.

Sharing the post, the cleaning whizz wrote: ''Embarrassing really but this was my pedestal mirror that I have on my dressing table that had gone rusty from where I remove my daily contact lenses from their pot.

''I used the tomato sauce / tin foil trick and look how well it’s come up,'' she wrote, adding she was delighted with the results.

''So happy as I bought this mirror from M&S and didn’t want to replace it.''

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The hack itself is relatively easy and also doesn't take up a lot of your time – simply squeeze some ketchup onto the dirty surface and give it a rub using tin foil.

As bizarre and bonkers as it may sound, ketchup's acid content is known to tackle rust while its high viscosity is ideal for polishing tarnished silverware, LifeHacker explained.

The jaw-dropping results amazed many, as hundreds had given the post a like and raced to comments to praise the cleaning fanatic.

A fellow member of the group said: ''You’ve done a brilliant job-looks brand new.''

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Someone else, meanwhile, chuckled: ''Makes you wonder what ketchup does to our insides lol. Your mirror looks great.''

A third penned: ''Wow looks brilliant well done.


''I've tried it before but didn't work for me I must have been doing it wrong.''

''Thanks for sharing,'' another person chimed in.

''Brilliant,so it really does work!'' a fifth was stunned by the glow-up.

Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, 33, has long been a favourite amongst cleaning enthusiasts across the world, winning a whopping 5million followers on Instagram.

The star rose to fame a few years ago with clever home hacks and now her fans have even started dedicated cleaning pages on social media.

As well as sharing tips and tricks, the the mum is also known for B&M hauls and updates from her everyday life with kids Ronnie, four, and Lennie, two, and hubby Jamie.

Since finding fame, the cleanfluencer has also launched a book, activity journal and has a memoir that hit the shelves in October 2020.

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