My husband had a five-year affair with my MUM – I only found out when my son walked in on them having sex – The Sun

My husband had a five-year affair with my MUM – I only found out when my son walked in on them having sex – The Sun


FINDING out your other half has been having an affair is a nightmare anyone would be horrified to discover.

But for one woman, that nightmare was made even more dramatic when she allegedly found out her husband was involved in a five-year affair with her MUM.

To make matters worse, TikTok user Jamie Walker alleges that she only found out about the affair when her teenage son walked in on his dad and granny having sex.

Over several TikTok videos, Jamie tells her side of the story.

In one clip, Jamie claims her marriage started to unravel the day after her 33rd birthday, when he husband confessed to having a year-long affair with an unnamed woman.

Jamie says she ran to her mum for solace and was initially comforted by her mum's shared outrage.

But she later discovered this was actually jealousy, as her mum and ex-husband had allegedly been bonking for five years.

She didn't find out until their teen son, who is now 25, caught his granny and dad having sex.

Jamie explained: "My son walked in on my now ex-husband with my mum – my flesh and blood mum – doing what they had been apparently doing for the last five years.

"There was a showdown, my son said, 'If you don't tell her, I'm going to tell her.'

"My ex-husband decided he wanted to be the one to tell me, so he took me on a long drive, we had a serious conversation and he told me what had been going on for the last five years."

Naturally, Jamie was horrified by the story, but says she couldn't leave her husband due to financial constraints.

"I was in shock and I didn't know what to do. I wasn't in a position to financially take care of myself or the kids at that time, so we stuck it out and did therapy."

The family then moved to Tennessee for a fresh start.

But it wasn't long until trouble struck again, as Jamie claims her husband cheated on her once again with a co-worker in her sixties.

Jamie and her ex split in 2017 and he has since married the co-worker.

Now Jamie, who works as a therapist, says she and her mum have a 'cordial' relationship after initially cutting her mum off for four years.

The mum and daughter have only started speaking again in the last year.

Jamie's son no longer has a relationship with his dad or granny, while she is still forced to co-parent her 16-year-old daughter with the help of her cheating ex.

Shockingly, other TikTok users commented  on her videos saying they had been through similar situations.

One social media user claims she discovered her mum had an affair with her first love while she was in secondary school.

Meanwhile another revealed she too had discovered her husband of 15 years had had sex with her mum.

Other viewers have flooded the comments section with support, praising Jamie for sharing her shocking story.

Jamie says she is able to speak openly about her horrifying experiences because she's been through extensive therapy.

Now, she has decided to be open about the cheating debacle to help others feel connected.

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