My dad advice for building the perfect fence post – my secret creates a solid base, it's so easy | The Sun

My dad advice for building the perfect fence post – my secret creates a solid base, it's so easy | The Sun


A DIY dad has made building a perfect fence post within reach of even the most inept.

He even revealed his secret to a solid base and it was so easy.

It's one of dozens of videos from Dad Advice from Bo (@dadadvicefrombo) who has attracted an enormous following of 3.2 million.

"Regular dad teaching you what I I taught my kids,” he said on his TikTok.

His approach to any number of jobs was user-friendly and home-spun, demystifying many DIY jobs that would intimidate many.

In this video, he showed how to erect a fence post.

“I’m going to show you how I put a post in the ground with concrete," he said.

"This is actually for my wife’s berry garden. It also works if you are installing a fence."

With the holes already dug, he revealed his secret at the very beginning of the process.

"I always put a rock at the bottom of a hole. Then I pound on it with my post and that makes a good solid base."

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Then fixed into position 2 x 4 pieces of timber on opposite sides of the post to hold it in place.

Next up, he mixed a bag of concrete and poured it into the hole around the post.

Satisfied the job was done, he checked the levels were good and gave a big thumbs up.

His video has had over 108,000 likes.

“I'm not sure what is more amazing to me. Your wife has a berry garden or you have your own cement mixer. Love your videos," said one person.

A second wrote: “I lost my dad two years ago and just love your videos.”

Meanwhile, a third person was impressed with his useful tip: “Great idea with the rock. Would've saved so much headache and will never have one again.”

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