My boobs went from 32C to 'manly' AA after kids but I've learnt to accept them

My boobs went from 32C to 'manly' AA after kids but I've learnt to accept them


BEFORE becoming a mum, trainee photographer Shannon Marie, 25, didn’t think twice about her boobs. 

She had a perky C cup chest and they gave her the perfect curves for her petite size eight frame. But her relationship with her body and her boobs changed dramatically after breastfeeding two kids. 

After having bikini confidence with her boobs they shrunk to a tiny 32AA which left her feeling ‘ugly’ and ‘manly’. 

Here, as part of Fabulous’ Going Bust series – which tells the stories of women’s relationship with their boobs, to help give us all a bit of body confidence – Shannon, from Porthmadog,  North Wales tells her story. 

“Growing up I idolised models with big boobs and curves. They were adored by everyone, not just men but women too, so I went through puberty and my breasts blossomed to 34C, I was delighted. 

“I have always been a petite size 8 build and my weight still fluctuates between eight and nine stone but in my late teens and early twenties, my C cup boobs gave me the curves I wanted.

“In December 2014, at age 19, I gave birth to my son Bentley, now 5. I’d always wanted to be a mum and to have that special bond you develop when breastfeeding – so fed him naturally for the first five months of his life. 

“I had no problems breastfeeding, it was easy for me but once I had weaned him off and my milk had dried up my breasts felt deflated and were significantly smaller than their pre-pregnancy size. 

“It felt like my curves had disappeared overnight and my self-confidence plummeted.

“I’d been diagnosed with Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)  in my late teens and after I had Bentley the symptoms worsened.

“I developed chest and facial hair and my breasts size fell away leaving me with flat chested 34A breasts.

“When I looked in the mirror I hated them. I felt ugly and manly.

“It felt like my curves had disappeared overnight and my self-confidence plummeted.

“I know it sounds materialistic but one of the worst things was having to buy new clothes. None of my cute, sexy dresses or tops fitted me anymore. They hung off me like sacks and I found trying clothes on totally uninspiring. 

“I also hated seeing myself in the changing rooms and was very self conscious, thinking  people would most likely be calling me ‘tiny tits’ behind my back. 

"It affected my sex life too. I wasn't as confident around men as I was worried I'd be the butt of their jokes at the pub because I had no boobs.

"Getting new bras was impossible too – nothing fitted me

“Things got so bad, I considered going under the knife to get breast implants too and even started saving for one but things changed again in May 2018 when my daughter Eveleigh, now two, was born.

“I breastfed her for two months and it was while feeding her I realised just how amazing and beautiful my now tiny breasts were.

“It didn't matter that they were an A cup as they were helping me give life to my beautiful new daughter.

“During that time I also joined a PCOS support group and shared my story about how my boobs had gone from a C to an A cup.

“I was inundated with women telling me how brave I was to share my story of my now tiny boobs. I was also shocked to get many compliments about how sexy my smaller boobs were.

“That experience helped me look at my breasts in the mirror without shame. I realised they were sexy. They were small and perfectly formed. 

“Most importantly they’d helped me give life to two beautiful kids.

How to check for breast cancer: The 5 step self exam you can do at home

There is a five-step self exam you can do at home to check for any changes.

1. Begin by looking in a mirror, facing it with your arms on your hips and your shoulders straight.

You should be looking for any dimpling, puckering, bulging skin, redness, soreness, a rash or changes in the nipple.

2. Still looking in the mirror, raise both arms above your head and check for the same changes.

3. With your arms still above your head, check for any fluid coming from the nipples.

This can include milky, yellow or watery fluid, or blood.

4. While lying down use your opposite hand to check each breast.

Using a few fingers, keeping them flat and together, go in a small circular motion around your breasts.

Make sure you feel the entire breast by going top to bottom in these small circles.

It helps to develop a system or pattern to make sure every inch is covered.

Use light pressure for the skin and tissue just beneath, medium pressure for the tissue in the middle of your breasts, and firm pressure to feel the tissue at the back, feeling down to your ribcage.

5. Feel your breasts while either standing or sitting, using the same small circular motions.

“Yes I still suffer from PCOS but I am helping other sufferers as well with my story. I stopped worrying about wanting big boobs and embraced my body.

“I realised that no matter what size boobs you have if you walk and act confidently people will see that confidence in you .

“My breasts have taken me on an amazing journey of self love. They helped me become a mum and they helped me realise who the real me is.”

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