Mum’s warning after daughter, 7, suffers chemical burns & hospitalised from ‘oozing’ henna tattoo on Turkish holiday | The Sun

Mum’s warning after daughter, 7, suffers chemical burns & hospitalised from ‘oozing’ henna tattoo on Turkish holiday | The Sun


A mum fears her daughter will be left 'scarred for life' from a black henna tattoo – after it hospitalised her with oozing chemical burns.

Kirsty Newton, 37, let daughter Matilda Newton get the temporary inking done while staying at an all-inclusive Turkish hotel last month.

The excited seven-year-old chose a 3cm-tall butterfly design that she had drawn onto her right forearm a week into their family holiday that initially was fine.

It was only when the family-of-four returned home from their £3,800 trip that Matilda's butterfly print became red and itchy and began to burn her skin, resulting in two pharmacy trips.

When the raised burn started to crack and bleed Kirsty rushed her to Leeds General Infirmary where doctors confirmed Matilda was having an allergic reaction to the black henna.

There, she was prescribed anti-allergy tablets, steroid and antibiotic creams.


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The mum-of-two believes that the burn was caused by Paraphenylenediamine (PPD) – a chemical commonly found in black henna and dark hair dyes.

Although Kirsty is hopeful the medication will start to heal Matilda's scorched skin, she fears the schoolgirl may be left with an outline of the butterfly shape on her arm for life.

Kirsty, from Pudsey, West Yorkshire, said: "There was a permanent station in the hotel doing the henna tattoos.

"I wasn't with her when she had it done but she asked me if she could get a henna tattoo and I said yes. She then went to get it done with her older brother.

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"I'm worried that it's going to scar for life. It's awful and concerning, especially if it scars.

"It worries me that it's a very visible place on her arm.

"We weren't informed it was black henna, the tattoo stand just advertised henna tattoos.

"The doctor said abroad they put more pigment in their dyes because their laws are not the same as in the UK.

"The hospital said it was an allergic reaction to the black henna used and she won't be able to use hair dye when she's older.

"She had been sick on Thursday night [before we went to get her medication] which the doctors said could have been part of the reaction and she had a rash on her tummy too."

Following the incident, Kirsty posted photos of Matilda's butterfly burn on social media to speak out about the ordeal to inform parents of the dangers of black henna.

She also claims the hotel didn't offer a skin test prior to painting on the black henna outline.

Kirsty said: "Please be cautious when letting your children get henna tattoos.

"I want to raise awareness of what happened as lots of children at the hotel were getting henna done.

"I shared it on social media to show the dangers of black henna.

"When Matilda had it done, my husband was not happy at all. He was really annoyed with the hotel.

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"People need to know what happened and make sure they have skin tests done if they do have a tattoo before having one of these done.

"Matilda should have had a skin test done before but this wasn't offered."

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