Mum sick of her sons’ constant fighting gives them brutal letter from Santa and people are absolutely horrified

Mum sick of her sons’ constant fighting gives them brutal letter from Santa and people are absolutely horrified


YOU know how it goes, good kids get presents from Santa at Christmas while those who misbehave get coal – with no child EVER wanting to end up on the big man's naughty list.

But one mum was sick of her sons' constant fighting and, instead of presents, gave her kids a brutal letter from Santa explaining why their stockings were empty.

Posting in the Christmas Mums Facebook group, the Australian parent revealed that she wanted to teach her kids a lesson to help "curb their bad behaviour".

She shared a snap of the typed up note online and asked: "Is anyone else being this harsh?"

She wrote: "I had plenty of good stuff for my boys stockings but they just haven't been listening or doing the right thing.

"Does anyone ever not actually give presents? The whole 'Santa wont come' thing… pretty sure kids know we are full of cr*p."

The letter reads: "Santa is very disappointed because you have not been good boys this year and you have made it onto my naughty list.

"So instead of treats and toys in your stocking, I have put coal."

The letter continued to give a list of things they boys could do to earn a spot on the "nice list" next year, including "listen to your mother, stop screaming, be kind to each other and stop telling lies."

It concluded by saying that Santa had in fact brought some presents which were hidden "out the back" but warned they'd will get nothing next year if the continue misbehaving.

The letter has left other parents horrified, insisting it's not fair the kids miss out on Christmas presents.

One parent fumed: "Children are never going to be able to behave all of the time. When we do this we set them up to fail. Why ruin what should be a loving time by using present withdrawal in attempt to manipulate behaviour.

"This may be short term punishment but it is not going to effect long term behavioural change. Children often lose their ability to regulate when they become excited. Teach them with love not traumatic experience."

And another agreed: "2020 has been an awful year ! Don’t mess with Santa – it’s Christmas!

"That letter is harsh and the result won’t last if they get it! I would be so crushed as a child. Just enjoy Christmas let them be kids and work on a new strategy for behaviour next year fresh."

A third chimed: "I am so grateful we never once thought of doing this in the 14 years we had Santa visit. Not even a thought of threatening it. I find this extremely sad."

"This is disgusting sorry but it's Christmas," another raged.

And a fifth added: "Wow! I would never do this!!!! The magic of Christmas is not a punishment. It’s once a year and only lasts for such a short time, before they don’t believe. There are many other ways to dissaplin your children. It’s not up to Santa (the magical man) to do it for you"

Meanwhile, another woman posted: "Wow!! Wrong on so many levels!"

But some parents reckon it was called for, with few even calling it "brilliant".

One person said: "You do what you believe is right for your family. Will they forever remember this Christmas? Yes. Will it teach them a lesson? Also yes.

"Parents don’t follow through enough with the whole Santa and coal thing. Why tell them something with happen if they are naughty and then not follow through, that teaches them nothing."

And a second simply said: "Good for you."

After a huge response, the mum later added that it was just the kids' stocking that didn't have presents and that they still got some gifts.

She also said: "As a parent it's up to me to curb the bad behaviour."

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