Mum divides opinion with the time she lets her kids play in the garden as some fume it’s 'totally unacceptable'

Mum divides opinion with the time she lets her kids play in the garden as some fume it’s 'totally unacceptable'


ANY PARENT knows how hard it can be to keep your kids entertained, especially on the weekend.

But what do you do when your kids are awake at the crack of dawn and are eager to blow off some steam?

One Mumsnet user divided opinion when she admitted to letting her kids outside to play at 8:30am.

The mum didn't see an issue with allowing her kids out to play so early in the morning, but said that her partner thought it was "unacceptable".

The mum insisted that her young child would be alright to release some energy for 20 minutes, but that didn't sit well with her partner.

Letting your kids run a riot outside before 10am is completely unfair for the surrounding neighbours, her partner thought.

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The Mum said: "[My son] is on one this morning and I said to my partner 'it's fine we can get him out in the garden in 20 minutes or so to burn off the excess energy.'

"He looked at me like I had two heads and told me anything before 10 or 10:30 on a weekend was unacceptable and would make us 'those' neighbours.

"For context, we have two attached neighbours both with babies or young children themselves and ours is only a toddler so plays relatively quietly (obviously not silently though).

"So, am I being unreasonable? Am I accidentally the neighbour from hell?"

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The mum's post stirred up some debate and people as people had very different opinions on the matter.

One user commented: "I would say 9:30 am. Anything before 9 is definitely too early."

A seconded quipped: "If you were my neighbour I'd be sticking pins into a miniature sized doll of you."

Another said: "It's fine if they're quiet – but in my experience, most toddlers aren't quiet.

"I'd say 9 am for weekends personally – if they want to run about and be noisy, take them out to the park, don't let them disturb your neighbours."

But some parents were more empathetic and understood why the mum would want to let her toddler play outside so early on in the day.

"How on earth do you keep a toddler entertained at home until 10:30? I don't think 8:30 is too early at all," one said.

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While another user added: "I would say 9 is okay for a weekend. 10.30 is practically lunchtime when toddlers are up at the crack of dawn.

"I think before 9 am is unsociable for people to start doing noisy DIY or gardening on a weekend but toddler noise is nowhere near as loud."

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