Mum claims baby oil is the secret to getting your sink sparkling in seconds

Mum claims baby oil is the secret to getting your sink sparkling in seconds


AN Aussie mum has shown just how easy it is to get your kitchen sink super shiny and clean using just a couple of basic household ingredients.

She demonstrated the clever hack on TikTok which is so quick and easy to do that she even suggests doing it while "waiting for dinner to cook."

Rather than using harsh chemicals, the cleaning mum's method involves using bi-carb soda, vinegar, lemon to disinfect the area and then, get ready for it, baby oil to maintain the shine.

Captioning the clip, she wrote: "So easy you can do it while waiting for your dinner to cook," and added: "Deep clean your sink using natural products you already have."

The clever mum first sprinkled bi-carb soda in and around the kitchen sink before running over the area with a sponge.

She then poured the white vinegar on top to disinfect and kill bacteria and germs that might me lurking in the sink.

With a bit of water she then used half a lemon and rubbed the area to deodorise the surface.

And, to get the sink looking super shiny, she rubbed baby oil in and around the area – and it's ends up gleaming.

She claims that the baby oil will keep your sink shiny for weeks so you won't have to do it regularly.

Other TikTok users so super impressed by the result with one saying: "Look how shiny it is!"

Another simply added: "Good to know!", while other wonders if the same method could be applied to the bathroom, particularly the shower screen.

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