Mrs Hinch fans reveal the easy way to stop crease lines in jeans without using an iron | The Sun

Mrs Hinch fans reveal the easy way to stop crease lines in jeans without using an iron | The Sun


REMOVING crease lines from your jeans can be an absolute chore.

But Mrs Hinch cleaning fans have found an easy way to do it without having to get the iron out.

Many advise putting them in the tumble dryer, but with the cost of energy bills right now, it's something most people want to avoid.

Luckily Mrs Hinch's army of cleaning fans have shared their top tips to remove them without turning to the tumble dryer.

Ever since Sophie Hinchcliffe rose to fame on Instagram, people have become obsessed with finding the easiest and cheapest ways to clean their homes.

Mrs Hinch's army of cleaning fans have dedicated social media pages to share their own cleaning tips.


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In one such group, a user asked: "I love my black jeans but I hate that after a few washes they go more of a grey I seem to get lines on them. Any tips?”

The post was inundated with comments from fellow cleaning whizzes sharing their tips.

Many suggested washing them inside out without using any fabric conditioner.

One wrote: "Cooler wash and inside out zero to 40C is hot enough for anything.”

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Another person commented: "Turn inside out and wash with similar colours in cold water and minimal soap. Don’t overload.”

"Always wash and dry inside out on a cool wash," suggested a third.

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "Wash inside out at 20C with no fabric conditioner."

"Wash inside out on a low temperature, shake while damp. Creases should dry out," claimed a fifth.

Others recommended washing them by hand or using a black detergent.

One advised: "Wash inside-out and hand wash, drip dry and no conditioner.”

Another added: "I always wash black things in black washing liquid – it keeps them black as ordinary washing powder or liquid has got enzymes in it that takes the colour out.”

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