Mind-blowing optical illusion reveals how easily your eyes are tricked – how many colours can you see? | The Sun

Mind-blowing optical illusion reveals how easily your eyes are tricked – how many colours can you see? | The Sun


THIS mind-blowing graphic of fuel bowsers reveals how easily your eyes are tricked, which has left many puzzlers baffled.

The optical illusion uses the Munker-White concept, which places lines in the background to trick your brain.

In the image are five separate gas pumps, each with a different colour.

Three extra rows simulating the same pattern sit below, only each other column has horizontal lines running through them.

The deceiving trick distorts the original colour of the bowsers.

How many different shades does your eye see?


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The image was made by iCompario, which stated: "Although it looks like there are a variety of different coloured fuel pumps, surprisingly there are only five different colours, each row is exactly the same.

"The colour of the fuel pumps is perceived to depend on the colour used on the lines around the image.

"For example, a red line gives the fuel pump a different perceived colour.

"This can lead our brain to perceive some fascinating colour changes, which are not there."

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According to optical illusion expert Michael Bach, the Munker-White illusion showed how much the neighbourhood influences the perception of colour.

With a lot of practise, optical illusions can improve peoples' general intelligence and sharpen their mental awareness.

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