Meghan Markle news – 'Ridiculous' Duchess & Prince Harry now 'figures of fun' in Hollywood as A-listers turn their backs

Meghan Markle news – 'Ridiculous' Duchess & Prince Harry now 'figures of fun' in Hollywood as A-listers turn their backs


MEGHAN Markle has been branded a "figure of fun" in her hometown a novelist – who, despite this, says Hollywood has turned its back on the royal couple.

Novelist Celia Walden spoke to GB News' Dan Wootton and said: "I thought maybe people would be protective of her out here, but not at all.

"She’s just a figure of fun and the crucial misstep she made is forgetting that the whole of the US love the Queen. So, anyone who is deemed to have affronted the Queen, or behaved badly in that regard, is just not going to go down well."

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  • Milica Cosic

    Meghan 'a figure of fun'

    MEGHAN Markle has been branded a "figure of fun" in her hometown a novelist – who, despite this, says Hollywood has turned its back on the royal couple.

    Novelist Celia Walden spoke to GB News' Dan Wootton and said: "I thought maybe people would be protective of her out here, but not at all.

    "She’s just a figure of fun and the crucial misstep she made is forgetting that the whole of the US love the Queen. So, anyone who is deemed to have affronted the Queen, or behaved badly in that regard, is just not going to go down well."

  • Milica Cosic

    Harry ‘safer coming to UK’ than to Invictus Games in Holland

    PRINCE Harry would have been safer in the UK for Prince Philip's memorial service than he will be in Holland for the Invictus Games, his former protection officer said today.

    Former Met Inspector Ken Wharfe, who worked in private protection for Harry, William and Princess Diana, said the potential risks of the contest are far greater than those the duke would face in London.

    Mr Wharfe, who wrote a controversial tell-all book on Princess Diana after her death, told Mail Online the very nature of the event makes it a common target for terrorists because of its military links.

    Police and security services in the Netherlands have refused to say whether he will get royal protection, although it's understood to be extremely likely.

    Mr Wharfe said: "I'm baffled about why Harry thinks he would be safer in the Netherlands than in the UK.

    "He would have travelled to his grandfather's memorial service with his brother or father and received protection from the Met.

    "It's not like he would have been turning up at Westminster Abbey on a bike."

    He said that in his personal view, it's "more of a risk to go to Holland to support a charity with a military link" than attend the memorial.

    Harry is taking on the Government after he was told he'd no longer be given the "same degree" of personal protective security on visits from the US, despite offering to pay for it himself.

  • Milica Cosic

    Meg & Harry told they have 'lost their relevancy'

    Since stepping down from their royal duties, an expert has warned that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have 'lost their relevancy'.

    Pauline Maclaran, professor of marketing and consumer research at Royal Holloway, University of London, has claimed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “need to really top up their associations with royalty”.

    She described how they “really are nobodies in the US” without the Royal Family label.

    Their “high profile” across the Atlantic, Professor Maclaran claimed, “is really because of their titles and their associations with British royalty”.

    She told the Sun: “But the high profile is really because of their titles and their associations with British royalty.”

  • Milica Cosic

    Harry & Meghan have 'no room to heal' relationship with Royal Family

    It has been claimed by a royal expert that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have 'no room to heal' their relationship with the Royal Family.

    Kinsey Schofield told “I don’t think that there’s any room to heal at this point because there’s so much pushback from the Sussexes.

    “I just feel like there’s so much animosity right now that they’re considered outsiders.” 

  • Milica Cosic

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  • Joseph Gamp

    Charles meets Syrian refugees during day-long Cumbria tour

    The Prince of Wales has met refugees from war-torn Syria during a day-long trip to Cumbria.

    Charles spoke to two families who have found safety and built new lives in Britain after fleeing war abroad.

    The royal visitor spoke to them after meeting local farmers and business owners at Hutton-in-the-Forest, a Grade 1 listed house, near the village of Skelton.

    Riyad Moussa, 45, his wife Myassa Moussa, 40, and their four daughters, Jamila, 14, Jana, seven, Hana, six, and Joanna, four, spent time chatting to Charles.

    The family, originally from Aleppo, escaped Syria to Lebanon and were resettled to Carlisle in 2017.

    They were one of the first families among around 250 people resettled in the area from Syria, the Middle East, North Africa and Afghanistan thanks to the Home Office, UNHCR and Cumbria County Council.

    Jamila, translating for her father, said their house in Aleppo was bombed by Russian forces in Syria, causing the family to flee their homeland.

    The prince asked them how they were getting on and if they were enjoying life in the UK.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Harry jokes with former Sandhurst instructor in Invictus Games surprise call

    The Duke of Sussex has joked with one of his instructors from Sandhurst, telling her that she used to shout at him "so much".

    Harry surprised Invictus Games Team UK competitors with a video call as members gathered for a final training camp before the event takes place in the Netherlands later this month.

    The duke founded the games to aid the rehabilitation of injured or sick military personnel and veterans from across the globe, by giving them the challenge of competing in sporting events similar to the Paralympics.

    After being delayed by the pandemic, the next staging of the international competition will take place in The Hague from April 16 to 22.

    The room erupted in laughter when Harry commented on the fact the competitors had had two years to prepare for the games and that therefore fitness should not be an issue.

    "You realise that no-one, not just you guys, no-one's got any excuses for not being fit now," he joked.

    Harry also enquired about former royal army physical training corps instructor Vic Wales, who was one of the instructing staff while he was a cadet at Sandhurst.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Camilla tours Jane Austen's home

    The Duchess of Cornwall was left disappointed when a tour of Jane Austen's former home featured Mr Darcy's famous shirt – but no Colin Firth.

    Firth's brooding depiction of the aloof romantic hero, in the 1995 BBC adaptation of Pride And Prejudice, inspired a new generation of Austen readers.

    Camilla is clearly among the fans who remember the scene where Mr Darcy emerged from a swim in a lake with his shirt dripping wet.

    The duchess, an avid Austen reader, was taken on a tour of the author's former home in the village of Chawton, near Winchester in Hampshire, and was shown clothing from recent television and film adaptations of the 19th century author's work, including Mr Darcy's shirt.

    "But he's not in it, that's a bit sad," Camilla joked after being shown the shirt by Lizzie Dunford, director of Jane Austen's House, who replied: "I know, that's sad, and it's not quite as damp as it was."

    The duchess quipped: "You could give it a good spray."

  • Joseph Gamp

    Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ‘planning surprise house move’ to ‘support duchess’ UN ambitions’

    PRINCE Harry and Meghan Markle are allegedly planning a surprise move to New York.

    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are said to be considering an almost 3,000-mile relocation to support the duchess' United Nations ambitions.

    The couple have been settled in their £11.million mansion in Santa Barbara, on the central California coast, since June 2020.

    But as part of Meghan's plans to conquer the political world, they could soon have a place to call home in the Big Apple.

    According to Mail+, the Sussexes are pondering renting an apartment in Manhattan.

    The area is home to the UN's headquarters, which Harry and Meg visited in a rare public appearance in September last year.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Sussexes security firm hiring £35-per-hour alarm technician

    The Sussexes’ security firm is hiring a £35 per hour alarm technician.

    The chosen candidate may even get to visit Prince Harry and Meghan’s Montecito mansion as the job description advertises on-site jobs.

    Hillcrest security, which is said to supply armed guards to the Sussexes £11 million residence is just 10 minutes from the star-studded neighbourhood where the royal couple lives with their two children. 

    The job posting is looking for “motivated team players with substantial expertise and training in low voltage electronics.”

  • Joseph Gamp

    Harry & Meghan’s ‘incredible job of keeping memoir a secret’

    Speaking to the Royally Obsessed podcast, friend of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, royal expert and co-author of Finding Freedom Omid Scobie chatted to Rachel Bowie and co-host Roberta Fiorito.

    In the podcast, Scobie discussed the royal couple’s explosive Oprah interview that aired in March 2021, and how that has influenced expectations for the book.

    “I’ve been told by sources that Harry really is going out of his way to make sure that there isn’t material in there that could be seen as negative toward the queen or her reign in any way whatsoever and he really wants to celebrate her life and his relationship with her in that book,” Scobie says.

    “I think as much as the press wants this to be a burn book and an attack on the institution, [Harry’s memoir] is more just about his story—and of course, there’s a lot more to it than the few years of his life as the Duke of Sussex.”

    He added: “Even those working directly on this project still don’t know the contents of it—they’re doing an incredible job of keeping it secret for as long as possible.” 

  • Joseph Gamp

    Meghan's patronage of animal warfare charity ends

    The Duchess of Sussex has urged the public to support an animal welfare charity after announcing her time as its patron has ended.

    Meghan served a three-year term as the figure head of Mayhew, which she championed during her time in the UK and after stepping down as a working royal and moving with Harry to California in 2020.

    Howard Bridges, Mayhew's chief executive, said "we have mutually agreed to end the patronage", which expired at the beginning of the year, but said the duchess would continue to support their ambitions.

    In a message posted on the charity's website, the duchess wrote: "Though my time as patron of Mayhew has come to a close, my unwavering support has not.

    "I encourage each of you to support in whatever way you are able.

    "The emotional support of a rescue animal is unparalleled-as you'll soon realise: it is not you who saves them, it is they who save you."

  • Joseph Gamp

    Platinum Jubilee easter egg sells out – despite price tag

    A Queen's Platinum Jubilee edible Easter egg has sold out despite its hefty £145 price tag.

    The limited edition of 70 Belgian chocolate treats were "expertly crafted by chocolatiers in the UK" according to the Royal Collection website.

    They were packaged in Jubilee-themed purple in a gift box and individually numbered.

    The website said the "unique and impressive gift" was created from two kilograms of luxury chocolate and 13in high.

    But for those with tighter budgets celebratory chocs under £20 a box are still available.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Duke of Edinburgh's naval uniform goes on display (2/2)

    An NMRN spokeswoman said: "It captures the wide variety of duties, from the launching of ships, visits to personnel and the presentation of Queen's Colours to world tours on the Royal Yacht, fleet reviews and street parties.

    "There have been seven fleet reviews during her reign, including one to celebrate her coronation in 1953 just off the coast of Portsmouth, and most recently in 2005, to mark the bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar.

    "The Queen also has a deeper, more personal connection to the Royal Navy and was born into a family steeped in service with the Royal Navy.

    "As the daughter and granddaughter of monarchs who served as young men in the Royal Navy, she later married a serving naval officer and two of her sons became naval officers.

    "She has experienced the same emotions felt by every member of a naval family and paid testimony to this at the commissioning ceremony of HMS Queen Elizabeth in 2017.

    "Photographs exploring the Queen's long and loyal service and a recently acquired naval uniform belonging to the Duke of Edinburgh displayed for the first time alongside his admiral's cap, add an intimate touch to the exhibition."

  • Joseph Gamp

    Duke of Edinburgh's naval uniform goes on display (1/2)

    A naval uniform worn by the Duke of Edinburgh and his admiral's cap are to go on display for the first time on the first anniversary of his death.

    The items are part of an exhibition at the National Museum of the Royal Navy (NMRN) in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard looking at the Queen's close links to the Navy as part of celebrations for her Platinum Jubilee.

    As well as being the daughter and granddaughter of monarchs who served in the Navy, the Queen became an officer's wife when she married Prince Philip.

    As well as the uniforms, the exhibition includes photographs depicting the Queen's many engagements as ceremonial head of the Royal Navy.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Royal expert suggests Prince Andrew remains neither seen nor heard

    Prince Andrew continues to make headlines after settling his sexual abuse case brought about by Virginia Giuffre.

    Jennie Bond, royal correspondent BBC News for 14 years, wrote an article for inews suggesting Prince Andrew “keep quiet and out of sight.”

    It was shocking to many to see him accompany the Queen down the aisle during the memorial of his father, Prince Philip, last week.

    Bond continued: “his lack of self-awareness and his innate self-importance appear to be as strong as ever, in spite of the public humiliation that has been heaped on him.

    “He remains the most disliked member of the royal family.

    “Andrew’s wisest course is to enjoy his privileged lifestyle with his adoring family, and to keep quiet and out of sight.”

  • Joseph Gamp

    Meghan’s bid to trademark 400-year-old word

    MEGHAN Markle wants to trademark the word “archetypes” for the title of her new Spotify podcast, it is claimed.

    She reportedly filed the application last month for use of the ancient Greek word which has been used in the English language for the past 500 years.

    Prince Harry and Meghan, who signed a €20million deal with the streaming giant in 2020, said last month their first series of podcasts would be called Archetypes.

    An application was reportedly submitted by Archewell Audio to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

    It covers a long list of related items including downloadable audio recordings and podcasts.

    All the items apply to “the fields of cultural treatment of women and stereotypes facing women”. If the trademark is granted, it would mean Archewell Audio owns the title rather than Spotify.

    But Meghan could face a legal challenge from firms who already use the word, such as the skincare and cleaning products business Archetypes, which already has a trademark.

    Her series will look into labels and stereotypes “that try to hold women back” and will feature interviews with experts and historians. In a trailer last month, Meghan said: “This is how we talk about women: the words that raise our girls, and how the media reflects women back to us. But where do these stereotypes come from?”

  • Louis Allwood

    Harry likely to return to the UK without Meghan

    Prince Harry is likely to return to the UK without his wife Meghan Markle, according to a royal expert. 

    Speaking to the Express's Royal Round-Up, Richard Palmer said: "I think he needs to stay onboard publically at least with the Queen.

    "He has been very clear in trying to distinguish between criticism he and Meghan have made of the institution with criticism of the Queen. 

    "I think they have avoided criticising the Queen."

  • Louis Allwood

    What does archetype mean?

    The word archetype first entered the English language around the 1540s and has Latin and Greek origins.

    An archetype is defined as a typical version of a thing or person.

    It means a classic, stereotype character from old stories and myths that have been passed down over the years.

    Example of these can be a hero, villain or lover.

    Psychologist Carl Jung theorized the word, saying: “There are forms or images of a collective nature which occur practically all over the earth as constituents of myths and at the same time, as individual products of unconscious.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Why has Meghan Markle tried to trademark 'archetypes'?

    The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, hopes to trademark the centuries old English word "archetypes", as she plans on using it for the name of her first round of podcasts on Spotify.

    Archewell Audio is one of the companies established by Prince Harry and Meghan, and made the application for exclusive use of the word at the US Patent and Trademark Office in March 2022.

    However, Meghan could face some challenges as a lot of other companies already use the word archetypes.

    Archetypes is set to launch this summer, hosted by Meghan who will be speaking to experts, historians and women who have experienced being typecast.

  • Louis Allwood

    Harry left in awkward silence

    An awkward wave of silence hit when the Invictus Games UK team was having a chat with Prince Harry.

    At the start Prince Harry cheered along with the team ahead of the Invictus Games which will start next week.

    Everyone stopped smiling shortly after Harry asked the captain of the team how she is feeling to be leading the "rowdy bunch" of athletes.

    Prince Harry asked Rachel Williamson: "Are you excited? Are you nervous?"

    Ms Williamson replied that she feels indeed both excited and nervous, after a "very long journey" to get where she is now, and continued by praising the team and everyone's efforts.

    Prince Harry asked the crowd: "Is everyone excited or are people nervous?"

    Without knowing how to respond, the members of the team sat there in silence for an awkward moment, but this was followed my some more cheering.

  • Louis Allwood

    Royal expert weighs in on Prince Harry 'not marrying' Meghan Markle comment

    A royal commentator has weighed in on claims that Prince Philip had warned Prince Harry of marrying Meghan Markle.

    In the past, unsubstantiated reports claimed the Duke of Edinburgh disapproved of Harry and Meghan’s relationship when the pair first dated.

    Neil Sean has debunked the allegation that Philip had told Harry, “one steps out with actresses, one doesn’t marry them”, when he started dating Meghan as “simply not true”.

    The royal expert discussed the claim in a video on his YouTube channel.

    He told viewers: “That particular quote comes from way back in the 1940s, early 50s, when Prince Philip was – according to the gossip columns – becoming overly friendly with an actress at the time called Pat Kirkwood.”

    Mr Sean went on to say: “Somebody has found that quote, put it towards him and Harry; it simply didn’t take place. And I’ve had that verified by a very close source to the late Duke.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Harry's awkward moment during video call

    Prince Harry held a video chat with the Invictus Games UK team, but despite speaking to the Prince there were awkward silences throughout the call.

    Shortly after The Duke asked the captain of the team how she is feeling to be leading the "rowdy bunch" of athletes, the room was filled with awkwardness.

    Prince Harry told Rachel Williamson: "So far it seems like you are doing well, but the fact that they are all sitting down…" – to which she chuckled.

    And he went on asking: "Are you excited? Are you nervous?"

    Ms Williamson replied that she feels indeed both excited and nervous, after a "very long journey" to get where she is now.

    Prince Harry sensed the silence and then asked the crowd: "Is everyone excited or are people nervous?"

  • Louis Allwood

    Meghan 'likely to raise eyebrows' with trademark move

    A royal expert has claimed that Meghan Markle will "likely raise eyebrows" with her latest legal move as she applied to trademark the word "archetypes".

    Daily Mail Diary Editor Richard Eden warned Meghan on Twitter: "The Duchess of Sussex's latest legal move is likely to raise eyebrows.”

    In an article for the newspaper, the royal expert also claimed: "Meghan could face a legal challenge from companies that use the word in their names, such as the skincare and cleaning products business Archetypes, which has already established a trademark."

  • Louis Allwood

    Prince Philip's blunt advice to Prince Harry

    It has been revealed that Prince Harry received some very blunt advice from Prince Philip before he went to Afghanistan.

    In the documentary Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers, Harry recalled that his grandfather told him: "Make sure you come back alive."

    Harry told the documentary: "Going off to Afghanistan, he was very matter of fact and just said, 'Make sure you come back alive…'

    "Then when I came back, there wasn't a deep level of discussion, more a case of, 'Well you made it. How was it?' That's how he was.

    "He was very much a listener, he sort of set the scene for you to be able to share as much as you wanted to share but he would never probe."

    Philip served in the Royal Navy in his youth and undertook service in the Mediterranean and Pacific during World War 2.
    And Harry served in the army for ten years, rising to the rank of Captain.

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