Meghan and Harry latest news – BOMBSHELL clue that Queen could strip runaway royals of their titles within weeks

Meghan and Harry latest news – BOMBSHELL clue that Queen could strip runaway royals of their titles within weeks


ROYAL fans are convinced Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could be stripped of their royal titles within weeks.

With coronavirus raging, insiders had said there's simply no way the Queen's long-awaited 12 month review of the pair's so-called Megxit can go ahead as planned in March.

But while covid means the couple can't meet with the Queen face-to-face, some royal watchers are convinced that the meeting will not actually be postponed and could now be held over a video call instead.

When the pair fled the UK, initially for Canada, they claimed they are understood to have told the Queen the were abandoning royal duties in order to escape "unwanted" attention in the UK.

But they have since relocated to California, where they have signed numerous multi-million attention-seeking media deals with the likes of Netflix and Spotify and even dragged son Archie onto a recent podcast.

The Queen is unlikely to have much sympathy for that kind of hypocrisy and royal experts around the world have questioned why she would allow the pair to cash-in by using their titles while shirking their royal duties.

Stripping the pair of the Duchy of Sussex would once and for all sever their ties to the royal family and leave them free to earn money however they choose.

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  • Katie Davis


    Prince Harry is believed to be still committed to continuing Princess Diana's legacy in fighting the issue of HIV/AIDs.

    Ian Green, the Chief Executive of leading HIV and sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust, told the Mirror that Prince Harry remains passionate about the issue, despite stepping down as a senior royal.

    He told the paper: “I mean, he's indicated, when I first met him about three, three or four years ago now, that HIV was one of his real passions, and one of the main causes he was going to focus on, and he certainly kept his promise."


  • Katie Davis


    Prince Harry and Prince William's rivalry intensified when Megan Markle entered the picture, it has been claimed.

    The brothers have been in friendly competition since their childhood, by royal commentator Katie Nicholl has claimed the rivalry escalated when Harry and Meghan got together.

    Speaking on Channel 5’s documentary, Kate vs Meghan: Princesses at War, she said:"I think there is an underlying competition between the boys and there have certainly been instances of sibling rivalry.

    "But actually a rift over his choice of bride was far more serious. William was quite concerned about how the relationship had moved so quickly.

    "Being close to Harry, he was the only person close enough to Harry to say 'are you sure?' I think what was meant as well intended brotherly advice just riled Harry. Harry is hugely protective of Meghan, he saw that as criticism."

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    Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are "skating on thin ice" if they wish to keep their royal titles, a constitutional expert has claimed.

    Despite stepping down as senior royals last March, the pair kept their titles as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

    This is set to be reviewed by the Queen in March.

    Constitutional expert Iain MacMarthanne told the Express: "What has become clear is that for traditionalists and purveyors of precedent, the Sussexes are skating on thin ice.

    "Whether they have breached their agreement in 'law' or the 'spirit' of it, the fact remains there is a body of thought that believes their present activities are not commensurate withholding any royal title."

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    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s explosive book Finding Freedom is now being sold for 99p, just five months after it was published.

    The biography was initially priced at £20 when it was released in August.

    But punters are able to buy the ‘unauthorised’ memoir on online book shop Hive and get change out of £1.

    The book by Royal reporters Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand is also failing to attract bidders on auction site eBay.

    Proving that interest in Harry, 36, and Meghan, 39, is waning, one seller is offering it for £2.50 but it has yet to receive offers while another has it at £1.98 to buy it now with free postage. And a cheeky eBayer has put it in the fiction category.

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    Viewers were outraged, with one person tweeting Ofcom asking: "Can you please do something to stop this horrifically disrespectful, treasonous assault on the senses?"

    Another fumed: "I would rather go to the kitchen and hold my hands down on the hot plate for 10 minutes than watch this 'woke' rubbish."

    The fake Queen told her subjects: "On reflection this year has been an utter s**t show.

    "This year more than any other year, things are not what they seem. One must now mute oneself on Zoom while using the loo."

    The character also spoke about her son Andrew, who is embroiled in a scandal, and grandson Harry and his wife Meghan’s move to Canada and then LA.

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    Channel 4 has been hit with 347 Ofcom complaints over its Christmas message featuring a 'deepfake' Queen.

    The broadcast saw the objections fly into TV watchdog Ofcom after the broadcast saw Her Majesty dancing and joking about Megxit.

    Computer trickery meant that 48-year-old actress Debra Stephenson, who delivered it, looked just like the 94-year-old monarch.

    The five-minute fake address, screened after families watched the real Queen deliver a rousing address, also featured gags about Prince Andrew.

    Now Ofcom – the nation's broadcast regulator – has told The Sun that they have received 347 complaints about the address.

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