Man ends work affair after returning to office because she’s ‘let herself go’ during lockdown

Man ends work affair after returning to office because she’s ‘let herself go’ during lockdown


A MAN who admitted to having an affair with a woman he works with has now said he's no longer interested as she "let herself go" during lockdown.

Submitting his confession anonymously to the Twitter account Fesshole, he said he ended their affair after they returned to the office.

His reasoning is that Covid restrictions "hadn't been kind" to her.

He wrote: "Returned to the office last week and saw the lady I was having an affair with 16 months ago; Covid restrictions have not been kind to her, so advised her that I now have a girlfriend who I am in love with… I haven't."

Followers of the account were shocked by the confession, with many jumping to the comments to share their thoughts.


The man who submitted the confession may be shocked to find that the majority of commenters aren't on his side.

Many said that by the sounds of things, she was no longer interested in him as well.

"Better than leading someone on. But tbh after 16 months if you guys haven't stayed in contact she just wasn't that into you anyways. Best wishes to all involved lol," one person said.

"I’m fairly sure if you haven’t heard from her in 16 months that she was dreading seeing you and explaining you were binned so result. Sorry for your wife though 16 months ah," said another.

Other's questioned how this was better than deciding to be faithful to his wife.

"So that’s better than 'Sorry, I’ve decided to remain loyal to my wife'?" one person asked.

A fourth added: "She is obviously better off without you."

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