Makeup artist reveals the biggest mistake brides make on their wedding day

Makeup artist reveals the biggest mistake brides make on their wedding day


While it’s a day filled with happiness, a wedding is also notoriously stressful.

For the bride, there is much to think about, from hair to makeup to dress – and that’s before even getting to the seating plan.

There’s lots that can go wrong, and this bridal makeup artist has shared the number one mistake she sees brides making on the big day.

With 12 years of experience, Minxies Beauty explained that when brides make this common mishap, it can have a detrimental effect on their pictures. 

While you may think her tip has something to do with makeup, it is actually all about the dress.

‘I feel like I keep repeating myself over and over again about this subject,’ she said in a TikTok clip.

‘If you are a bride to be, please, please get into your dress earlier than half an hour before.’

The expert goes on to explain how she recently worked with a bride who had 300 buttons to do up on her gown.

‘She was doing a dad reveal,’ she recalled to viewers. ‘And obviously a photographer wants to get this shot. My team always gets everyone done and completed at least an hour before.

‘And then everyone is ready and I say to the bride “get into your dress.”‘

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She told viewers that the only time she sees brides get very stressed is in the last half hour of getting ready when they decide to finally put on the dress.

‘I kept telling the bridesmaids to get her [the bride] in the dress,’ she explained. ‘I was panicking. Luckily, we were at the venue so she only had to walk down the stairs to the aisle.

‘It came to half an hour before [the dad reveal] and the photographer was like “I’m not going to get my shot.”

‘And eventually, we went up to the room to see her in the dress and we were outside the room for 45 minutes as they were putting this dress on.

‘She was already 15 minutes late to walk down the aisle. The photographer couldn’t get any shots.’

She continues: ‘I just don’t know why brides wait until the very last minute because everyone wants a piece of you.

‘As soon as you get that dress on, everyone wants a piece of you.’

Getting married next year herself, the makeup artist has vowed to be in her own dress at least two hours before the ceremony.

‘I want to be relaxed, I want my head in the game,’ she said. ‘I don’t want to be stressed about getting photos done.’

Those in the comments wholeheartedly agreed with the crucial tip.

‘This is so true. I’ve photographed a few weddings and nothing worse than stressed out, sweaty people in photos trying to get a dress on,’ wrote one viewer.

Another shared: ‘I was told by my photographer to get into my dress 1.5 hours before I was due to leave for the church and it still wasn’t enough time.’

Let their stories be a warning, saving you extra stress on your big day.

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