Lash tech proudly shows off her £250 lashes but trolls all say they look like massive brooms | The Sun

Lash tech proudly shows off her £250 lashes but trolls all say they look like massive brooms | The Sun


A LASH technician has gone viral after proudly showing off her work – but people all say the extensions look like brooms.

Kimm, from Los Angeles, the USA, is a beauty expert who has recentlytaken the internet by storm with her unusually large and fluffy lash extensions.

Although the clips on her TikTok are watched by thousands, one such video has gone viral.

In the video, which has been viewed more than a whopping 2.6 million times, Kimm showed off two of her latest creations – sets so long and thick, they fully covered the clients' eyelids and even reached the eyebrow area.

Both sets of extensions weren't too cheap either – one of them came with a price tag of £250, whilst for the other the client was charged more than £210.

To make her ''slow'' day even better, the lash whizz was also tipped by both women.

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The first appeared to be so impressed with the result, she decided to give Kimm another £127, and the second beauty lover treated the lash guru with an extra £85.

But whilst the two young women might have enjoyed their new fluffy extensions, viewers were savage and said the clients probably couldn't see when they were adding the tip.

Eagle-eyed TikTok users also pointed out to the redness in their eyes, which led them to believe the lashes were so heavy, wearing them was painful.

Others chuckled and described the thick and pitch black extensions as ''brooms''.

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While it not may be everyone's cup of tea, Lexis seems to have a regular stream of clients who request a similar look, as she regularly shares clips of people rocking her lash strips.

After being met with criticism of letting beauty lovers leave the appointment ''with such embarrassment'', Kimm took it to TikTok to respond to the trolls.

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''Everybody who keep commenting about the lashes saying they are too heavy and look ugly DONT wear them.''

However, despite what Kimm said, viewers continued to slam her work, with one even saying she was destroying lives.

A second joked: ''you can probably get them cheaper at a Halloween store.''

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A few people were also convinced it was a joke, like this person: ''April Fools Day in July!''

But it wasn't, as someone had scrolled through Kimm's TikTok account and commented: ''when you check the rest of her page and realize it’s not satire.''

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