Kylie Jenner Reveals Her New 10-Minute Makeup Routine Since Becoming a Mom

Kylie Jenner Reveals Her New 10-Minute Makeup Routine Since Becoming a Mom

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Kylie Jenner has switched up her makeup routine since becoming a mother.

In a new YouTube video, the Kylie Cosmetics mogul tells her fans exactly how she gets an everyday glam look, without spending a ton of time away from her daughter Stormi, 20 months.

“Since becoming a mom, it has gone from taking me 30 minutes to now having to do my makeup in 10 minutes,” she said, adding that she’s had to “cut my routine down a lot” since her Vogue tutorial — which featured a whopping 34 steps.

First up, the proud mama, 22, takes two pumps of the face primer she released as part of her birthday collection this year — and follows up by giving her lips some TLC and rubbing on a layer of the yet-to-be-released lip mask.

Then it’s on to the face, as she mixes in three pumps of her favorite Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation in the shade 6.5, and another pump in the shade 9.

“I love the way it makes me skin look,” she said, adding “this combo is my perfect match.”

To make sure the blend is extra flawless, Jenner first blends the mixture in with a Kylie Cosmetics brush before taking a Beauty Blender sponge over her face, making sure to go down her neck and over her eyelids.

Kylie Jenner

Jenner also uses a mixture of concealers. She starts with the Kylie Cosmetics skin concealer in shade “Maple” applying it across most of her face, and then adding in a bit of “Himalaya” — which has more of a pink undertone — underneath her eyes to help cancel out dark circles and blends with the Beauty Blender.

Continuing with the theme of multiple shades, she then goes in with a little bit of her loose setting powder in soft pink underneath the eyes before using translucent powder to bake underneath her eyes and even down the middle of the nose, which Jenner says “really perfect yours makeup.”

Fitting in one more shade, Jenner then takes the beige loose setting powder and dusts it over the rest of her face with a big, fluffy brush.

Then it’s time for the brows, which Jenner says she does very differently now.

“My routine before, I would start with my brows to make them super snatched but for my everyday routine I like to do them pretty fast and more natural,” she said.

Now Jenner uses her own brow pencil in shade medium brown to shape her brows, before going in with cool brown brow powder to fill them in, adding in a bit of the brow highlight in medium matte underneath.

And when it comes to an everyday eye, Jenner says it’s all about her Bronze palette.

“It’s still my little baby,” she said.

Kylie Jenner

Rounding out the look, Jenner adds on some eyeliner, mascara, a mixture of different bronzer and blush shades as well as her favorite highlighter, before moving on to the lips.

“One product I can’t live without is definitely lipstick. I’m obsessed with lipstick. I don’t know what I would do without it,” Jenner said while using her Kylie lip kit.

Locking down her makeup with a bit of setting spray, Jenner’s full face of makeup is finally complete.

While the actual YouTube video lasted over 17 minutes, Jenner swore it would take her a lot less time if she was at home by herself.

“Because I’ll be explaining to you guys every step of the way, but this routine really takes me no longer than ten minutes,” she promised.

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