I’ve saved so much money by ditching my pricey manicure – I swear by Primark's false nails, they look good & last AGES | The Sun

I’ve saved so much money by ditching my pricey manicure – I swear by Primark's false nails, they look good & last AGES | The Sun


A WOMAN who was spending hundreds on getting her nails done has ditched the pricey manicures to save money, and has been using Primark falsies instead.

The self-proclaimed "Duchess of Thrift" took to her TikTok page to share a video, as she began: "If you’ve been watching me for a while, you will have noticed on my earlier videos that I got stick because I was still getting my nails done while talking about the cost of living crisis and what have you. 

"Well, the nails went by the way side – look at the state of these, minging, I can’t believe I’m publicly sharing them.

"So I’m taking a tip from my teenage daughter.

"What I’ve done is bought some of the £1 nail glue from Primark and a little packet of their nails.

"So I’m going to give them a go because to get a full set of nails put on, can cost £40, to get them infilled is twenty something pounds.

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"Just to see if I can save that money and still feel nice, because I feel proper scabby with these nails.

"I’m going to see how long they last but actually, in place of a really expensive manicure, they will do the trick."

She then returned to the social media site to share an update, showing how the nails looked five days in.

"I’ve had to reglue that one but the rest are all on really firm," she said.

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"I bought the extra strong nail glue from there and I buffed my own nail a little bit to rough it up.

"And I put the glue on my nail and pressed them on.

"But, for the cost of those compared to an expensive manicure, I think that’s absolutely brilliant for 5 days."

"I wore them on holiday, they lasted and I got compliments!!" one woman commented on the video.

To which the poster replied: "So much cheaper than a £35 mani."

"I'm going to primark tomorrow. Thank you," another wrote.

As the Duchess of Thrift responded: "I'm going to get some more sets, I'm really pleased, the extra strong glue is good."

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