I’ve got five kids and people say they feel sorry for my husband because I’ve put on so much weight

I’ve got five kids and people say they feel sorry for my husband because I’ve put on so much weight


A MUM-of-five has revealed people have told her they feel sorry for her husband because she’s put on so much weight during pregnancy.

Chelsie Dort, from Utah, recently shared photos from a pool party they threw for her child – and trolls were quick to comment on her appearance.

Mum blogger Chelsie, who is around 22 weeks pregnant and married to husband Bedford, shared a selection of cruel comments she was sent on Instagram.

These included “I feel so bad for your husband, you’ve gained SO much weight”, “And you’re only halfway there, your poor husband” and “I see that baby weight.”

Taking to Love What Matters, she said: “Last week after posting a photo of our family at Mya’s birthday pool party, I started receiving comments and messages all centered around my ‘baby weight,’ how much weight I’ve gained or how quickly I’ve gained it.

“I’m not going to lie, I noticed it when I looked at the picture we had taken and a small part of me was self conscious, but there was a larger portion of me that was grateful, so I shared it anyway, unedited to reflect my body as it is.”

She said she had previously thrown away maternity photos when she saw them in the past as she “hated” her body.

But thankfully she had come to a place of acceptance, and now wants to celebrate her appearance.


She added: “I threw them away after looking at them, because I hated my body. It’s one of my biggest regrets. I took a moment where my body was housing human life, and I threw away every memory I would have of it because of how the miracle growing on the inside, made my body look on the outside.”

Chelsie described carrying children as a “miracle”, and each photo reflects the changes bodies go through.

She added that your weight doesn’t define your self-worth or value and bodies – pregnant or otherwise – are “beautiful.”

Many people were quick to praise her message, with one saying: “’I’m sorry you’re getting those messages! You are beautiful and always have been both inside and out! Keep shining your light girl! Love you both and love y’all’s love!”

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