I'm the world's hottest Aldi worker & upgraded my look with Turkey teeth, but trolls call it the 'biggest fail ever' | The Sun

I'm the world's hottest Aldi worker & upgraded my look with Turkey teeth, but trolls call it the 'biggest fail ever' | The Sun


SHE was dubbed the hottest Aldi worker in the world.

But Elaine Victoria – aka 'Aldi Elaine' – decided to try and upgrade her look even further, with a set of Turkey teeth.

She took to TikTok to share a video detailing her smile transformation, showing herself in the dentist's chair having had her natural teeth shaved down.

The video then changed to show Elaine with her new blindingly white grin, which she appeared completely delighted with.

The German blonde thanked the Turkey-based clinic in the caption for the video.

But people in the comments section were less than impressed with her new look.

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"Biggest fail ever," one raged.

"That's the biggest mistake ever," another agreed.

While a third commented: "What happens after 20 years? or earlier? Never would I let someone destroy my teeth."

"My condolences," someone else wrote.

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"OMG – this trend… why? I would never destroy my teeth at such a young age," another added.

As someone else commented: "NEVER".

Not everyone disliked the new gnashers, however, with one writing: "Y’all need to stop. They look AMAZING!!"

"Perfect," another added.

As a third wrote: "I want!"

The TikToker was branded the prettiest checkout worker in Germany and racked up thousands of followers on TikTok, where she regularly shared snaps of herself in her Aldi work uniform.

The stunning blonde has become so popular online she has now quit her job to become a full-time influencer.

In a video posted on TikTok, she told her followers: "Say goodbye to the Aldi videos, I'm going my way without Aldi now, but thanks for everything."

When asked by one of her followers why she decided to quit her job at Aldi, she responded: "I want to take a new path, I'm moving now and just want to get out of myself and try new things."

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