I'm the ultimate catfish – I've spent thousands on my face, people are stunned when I reveal the hidden truth | The Sun

I'm the ultimate catfish – I've spent thousands on my face, people are stunned when I reveal the hidden truth | The Sun


TO her thousands of followers, Nat just seems like any other influencer.

But, the TikToker, 23, has documented her battle with chronic jaw pain and shared her day-to-day experience living with dentures.

In one clip, she revealed a so-called catfish trend that showed her with and without her dentures.

One shot showed the influencer beaming with her acrylic teeth, and she was seen smiling without.

Social media fans have been left curious, asking how much she has spent on getting false teeth fitted.

Nat, who suffered tooth loss at the age of 19, revealed that she forked out a whopping $3,500 for her temporary upper denture.

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I’m such a catfish – I wear dentures and my hair gets longer every time

It cost her $900 to get a tooth added separately to her upper denture. She also got a tooth extracted.

She told fans that adjustments to her dentures could cost up to $500.

And, she recommended to her followers that they should visit several dentists to get the best price.

A fan told Nat that she looked pretty regardless of her looks.

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The influencer has also debunked a series of myths associated with dentures and detailed how she's coped with chronic pain.

She has revealed what the worst aspects of having dentures are.

Nat said that she dislikes adhesives and claims people stereotype her for having money after she underwent the procedure.

Meanwhile, we revealed how social media star Faith Hill, from Missouri, looks unrecognizable after she was fitted with dentures at 23.

She lost all of her teeth during a six-year addiction to meth – but is now glowing with a new set of gnashers.

In August 2021, she underwent surgery to have her decaying teeth removed and got new ones fitted in November of the same year.

Two years of sobriety later and Faith can finally smile with pride after hiding her teeth for years.

She said: "I had no salvageable teeth, so I decided to have them all pulled out and went toothless.

"Seeing myself with dentures for the first time was so shocking. I had to practice how to smile as it had been so long.”

We shared how TikTok star "Queen_beexO" transformed herself into a woman ready for a night on the town after she slapped on some makeup and put a set of pearly white dentures into her mouth.

And, a makeup artist, known as Gemluva Beauty, has been slammed for apparently looking unrecognizable but she said she loves transforming herself with makeup skills.

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