I'm so hot I can't even order food or get in a taxi without men chatting me up – it's creepy and annoying | The Sun

I'm so hot I can't even order food or get in a taxi without men chatting me up – it's creepy and annoying | The Sun


AN OnlyFans model has told how she’s so hot that even pizza delivery guys ask for her number when she orders a takeaway.

Zoe McPartlin, who came out as trans at 19, is used to having plenty of online admirers given her choice of career.

But it still takes her by surprise when people can’t control themselves around her in real life. 

The Glasgow-based content creator, 26, enjoys the attention though.

Makeup artist Zoe says: “I do get a lot of taxi drivers and men delivering food always flirting and asking for my number l. 

“Usually it’s creepy I won’t lie and I don’t usually give them my number.

“It gets annoying sometimes too like when you’re just ordering food for instance.

“But I suppose I can take it as a compliment. 

“They’ll usually make up something like ‘oh I recognise you’ or ‘you’re that girl that works…’ and then ask.”

She jokes: “ If you’re needing to get home from town and can flag a taxi I suppose it comes in handy.

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“They’ll just chat away. One was trying to sell me fire sticks then asked for my number to discuss it.

“He was just using that to ask for my number.”

Zoe previously told how the trolls who used to bully her are now the people paying her bills.

She realised after she came out as trans that some men liked to fetishise and objectify her.

So she decided the best way to get payback was to make people pay for the things they used to expect for free.

Zoe said: “Another reason I started OnlyFans was I wanted payback for all the men who treated me badly.

“It was always guys fetishizing me as a ‘chick with a d**k.’

“I don’t like a guy wanting to go with me because they see me as a woman with something extra.

“They fetishized me so now they’ll pay a subscription and that’s my payback – getting my confidence back as well.”

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