I'm so glad my boyfriend is blind – I don't have to do my hair and he never looks at other girls

I'm so glad my boyfriend is blind – I don't have to do my hair and he never looks at other girls


WHILE personality matters, being attracted to someone goes a long way in making a relationship last.

But for one woman, what she looks like doesn't matter a whole lot and she's "thankful" that her boyfriend is blind.

Niya Esperanza posted a video on TikTok and explained that there are five main reasons why she considers her man's disability a blessing.

Niya noted that the video was posted with her boyfriend's permission, and he regularly appears in some of her clips alongside her.

"Here are the top five reasons why I'm so thankful that my boyfriend is blind," she starts.


"Number one, he never looks at other girls. So if this is something you want in your relationship, just look for someone who cann't see.

"Number two, it doesn't matter what I look like and specifically I don't really have to do my hair. It looks like this most days," she adds, referring to her messy-style bun.

Another reason she is "thankful" that her boyfriend can't see is because she doesn't have to hide any presents she bought for him – which is a common issue many couples have.

Hundreds of people saw the humour in Niya's clip and appreciated her light-hearted intention.

"I love the humour y'all have," one said.

With another adding: "I think she's on to something."

A third wrote: "Wow, I think I'm sold. "

While a fourth said: "I'm blind and my husband always puts gifts in plain sight. He gets me every time lol"

Some though, it seems, were quick to judge, taking aim at Niya's sense of humour.

"I hope this is a joke," one said.

"Do you think that blindness is a blessing? That's interesting."

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