I’m curvy with a big peach bum – it’s so irresistible that I get a lot of attention, even from waiters in restaurants | The Sun

I’m curvy with a big peach bum – it’s so irresistible that I get a lot of attention, even from waiters in restaurants | The Sun


A CURVY model told how she's proud of “big peach” bum, but it has led to some uncomfortable moments.

Ava, 33, says she draws a fair amount of attention wherever she goes because of her curvy figure.

It’s led to some uncomfortable moments when she’s been on her own and been the focus of weird blokes.

But when she’s with pals she’s been able to laugh it off, including one encounter with a waiter.

Curvaceous Ava said: “I think I naturally give off a lot of sexual energy.

“I was out for a meal once and even had the waiter grab my bum.

"I was quite shocked because it happened in a packed restaurant.

“But it also made me and my friends laugh so much. The waiter was very flirtatious and good looking.”

Ava reckons she’s always been a free spirit and the black sheep who loves heading off and doing her own thing.

She hates the cold weather so leaves the UK and travels across Europe for months at a time in winter.

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And she’s gone off to live in a camper van on her own without a second thought.

She said: “I’m not being big headed but I’ve always had quite a bit of attention. If I’m wearing a bikini or tight fitting skirt I will get more.

“I can feel people staring at me most places I go. I had an uncomfortable moment in Starbucks the other day when an older male kept moving his seat closer and closer to me.

“I feel uncomfortable when stuff like this happens when I’m on my own but when I’m with company it doesn’t bother me.”

Ava admitted her big bum and strong thighs, which she’s nicknamed her thunder thighs, come with positives and negatives.

She said: “I’ve never measured my big peach to be honest.

“I’ve got large hips, a big bum and long legs so it can be tricky finding suitable trousers that fit properly.

“But one of the big positives is that it’s really easy to seduce someone when I bounce it or twerk in a club.”

Over the years Ava has found herself targeted by trolls because of her looks.

But she’s picked up a thick skin and has learned to ignore the haters who hurl insults online and in real life.

She said: “Nobody is perfect. Most of the time people aren’t happy with themselves and they must be lacking something if they feel the need to insult others.

"You’re always going to get haters. I’ve had to deal with them from a young age at school. Now I just brush it off and try not to let it bother me.”

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