I'm an interiors pro… why pushing your furniture against the walls won't make a room look bigger – what to do instead | The Sun

I'm an interiors pro… why pushing your furniture against the walls won't make a room look bigger – what to do instead | The Sun


AN INTERIORS whizz has revealed how to maximise space in any room – and turns out, pushing the furniture by the walls is not the answer.

According to Julie Sousa, this is ''one of the most common mistakes'' many tend to make when decorating their home – and here's why.

Taking to TikTok, the expert said that people assume ''this strategy is going to maximise the space'' – however, in reality it does quite the opposite.

Instead, she explained in the video, those working on transform their property should use a piece of furniture as a divider and create smaller, more intimate areas.

For instance, if your living room is big enough, you could place a sofa almost in the middle of it and add other bits of furniture by the wall behind it.

By using a couch as a divider, Julie was able to give one client extra storage space at the back of the room, she proudly showed.

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What's more, the living room now also had additional seating, as well as overall improved traffic flow with the new layout.

Another key element, the pro revealed in the comments, is opting for less bulky furniture and placing the TV screen adjacent to the fireplace if possible.

The best part? This makeover can be done with a room of any size, as she went on: ''[The family] used to have a tiny living room and still floated a chair! Can always be done.''

However, despite the advice, the reaction online was mixed, as some hit back at Julie and insisted many didn't have the luxury of a larger living space.

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One wrote: ''Trust me if I had the space I would. Guess I’m one of the couch on the wall poors.''

Another had given the tip a go – and unfortunately, failed.


''Didn't work in my home lol I tried this and had less space.''

Someone else chimed in: ''Do what makes YOU happy. Don't let people tell you how to decorate, what to wear, how to do your hair, etc. Do YOU!!!''

''My room is long and narrow, I don’t have a choice,'' a person added.

''Makes sense if you have a pretty big living room, most of us don't,'' a TikTok user hit back.

''You may suggest get smaller funiture, but we don’t have that kind of money to spend [sic].''

Looking for more tips and tricks from Julie? She recently also revealed which popular homeware items to steer clear of – and why shiny photo frames is a no-no.

Instead of snapping up glossy photo frames, the pro urged to opt for a more neutral matt look – this will make for an ''elevated'' aesthetic in your home.

When shopping, the TikTok-famous whizz also told her fans to avoid purchasing ''anything with words'' – fans of the ''Live, Laugh, Love'' signs, this one's for you.

''It leaves nothing to the imagination,'' she chuckled.

The same, she went on to add, applies for home décor that's inspired by nature, such as wooden mushroom decorations for autumn.

In terms of snapping up the perfect pillows, there's also a tip – they all need to have zippers, Julie warned.

Without a zip, the inserts are harder to remove to replace or wash when necessary.

Last but certainly not least, the interior guru also advised to be careful when looking for textured blankets.



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Whilst a fluffy blankie might be comfortable and cosy, especially as the weather gets chillier, the interiors expert insisted they mostly look quite cheap and tacky.

Instead, as an alternative, she told to better in one with more texture and ''anything that is knitted''.

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