I’m an interior designer – the top decorating mistakes people make with some costing you a lot of money | The Sun

I’m an interior designer – the top decorating mistakes people make with some costing you a lot of money | The Sun


A WELL-CURATED abode is very achievable with the right prep.

According to interior expert Nick Lewis, there are some design blunders you may be making that are setting you back when styling your home.

"Okay, let's go over the top interior design mistakes I see and how to fix them," Lewis began in a TikTok video.


"Not knowing what your interior design style is. This can result in you buying a lot of unnecessary furniture and wasting a lot of money," he said.

To combat this, Lewis suggested looking at different pictures of design styles that really inspire you.

You'll notice that in time you'll begin to deviate from certain styles or start mixing different ones together.

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He cautioned: "Don't just go in and buy a bunch of furniture, throw it in a room, and hope for the best, because hope is not a strategy."


"When you're choosing paint, make sure that it is the last thing that you do," Lewis advised.

"You wanna make sure you have all your furniture pieces, fixed elements, and your color palette figured out, before you apply your first coat of paint."

To be super safe, Lewis says you should try testing out different patches of varying paint colors in multiple areas of a room.

This should be done at different times of the day because the lighting environment will affect the paint color.

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You can go wrong by either buying furniture that's too small for your space, or more commonly, buying furniture that's too big.

If you're considering new furniture, put tape on the floor that matches the measurements of the furniture that you're looking at.

This will ensure that you have enough room to move around comfortably in the space.

People in the comments section of Lewis's video were grateful for the tips.

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"Where were you when I moved into my first place," one person wrote.

"I love this advice about finding your style first before buying! This helped me so much when I moved and redecorated," added a second.

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