I'm an interior designer and I'm over everyone painting their homes a 'trendy' colour – it's so bland and overdone | The Sun

I'm an interior designer and I'm over everyone painting their homes a 'trendy' colour – it's so bland and overdone | The Sun


PICKING the perfect colour theme for your home is a pretty big deal.

Changes are you'll end up living with it for at least the next year, so you don't want to go with something outdated or tacky.

For a long time, grey was the go-to option for a lot of people, but now the grey trend might be a bit overdone.

Interior designer Nick Lewis explained that although grey was a great choice for homes back in 2016, it can look and feel slightly drab now.

"Grey nowadays has a really bad reputation in interior design," he said.

This mostly because it was so popular that everywhere you went had grey walls, a grey sofa and grey artwork on the walls.


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"People got really sick of it because they felt it was really drab and boring and grey and depressing, and it kind of was," he continued.

Although grey, especially cool toned greys, can look chic and sophisticated, they can also come across as cold, Nick explained.

Instead of grey, the home pro suggested going for much warmer, like beige or cream.

"It will feel more friendly and a little bit more homey for people," Nick explained.

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"Grey is a lovely neutral colour, but it tends to fit into styles that are not as popular as it once was," he said.

That said, if you're not ready to part ways with your love of all things grey just yet, don't worry.

You can change the way you style them to bring them a little bit up to date.

If you've got grey 'fixed elements' in your home, like kitchen cupboards or flooring, you can create a contrast by adding in warmer accessories, like cushions, curtains and throws.

In your kitchen you can display wooden cutting boards, wicker baskets and bowls to warm things up too, Nick added.

Similarly, a cream-coloured rug and a warmer lighting will make your homes feel less outdated.

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