I’m an interior designer – 5 tacky things I would NEVER have in my house | The Sun

I’m an interior designer – 5 tacky things I would NEVER have in my house | The Sun


STYLING your home can get overwhelming with all the differing opinions out there.

One interior designer shared her best tips to home decor — and the five tackiest items to avoid.

TikTok creator @jenniferlauraliving focuses on DIY home projects, interior design advice, and money-saving hacks.

In her viral TikTok, she shared five things she would never do as an interior designer.

"Number one, I would never buy overstuffed, generic furniture," she said.

"If it has a cupholder — it's even worse," she shared.

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Her second tip was to avoid word art, like "live, laugh, love" or "blessed."

"Trust me, I know I'm blessed because I don't have this hanging up in my house."

Her third suggestion? Skipping fluffed-up pillows. "You will not catch me karate-chopping my pillows," she said.

She shared a photo of a couch piled with small pillows. "This is NOT the look," she explained.

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"Let your pillows live, let your pillows breathe," she said. "They don't want to be chopped."

Her fourth suggestion was to avoid the shiplap aesthetic — or wooden boards that are used to design barns and sheds.

"Unless you live in an actual lake house, beach house, or maybe an actual, real-life farmhouse — just don't," she said.

The expert's final recommendation was a crowd favorite. The TikToker suggested avoiding other people's opinions.

"If you really love something, then go for it — it's your house," she concluded.

TikTok users were grateful for her expert advice. One user wrote: "This is actually helpful, really."

Another user wrote: "THANK YOU. I haaaaaaate the karate chop."

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