I’m an image coach – 10 ways you can instantly look hotter on a budget & why unpolished toes are a no-no | The Sun

I’m an image coach – 10 ways you can instantly look hotter on a budget & why unpolished toes are a no-no | The Sun


ARE you a six who dreams of being a nine?

An image coach has revealed 10 ways you can instantly look hotter in a matter of days. 

Tiffany Imwensi, who runs Polished Policies and charges a monthly fee of $150 (£130) for her services, told Fabulous: “As a woman, life can get busy, and it can get difficult to operate in a feminine, attractive state.

"Creating a routine and setting aside extra time daily will automatically set you up to be more attractive and confident within yourself. 

"I provided a list of 10 cost-efficient, quick hacks to always keep you in an attractive state."

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1. Whitening Strips

A beautiful smile is always a plus and having whiter teeth is inviting and automatically deemed attractive. 

You can pick up whitening strips from your local beauty shop, and Superdrug have a pack of 28 for £14.99.

2. Moisturise your body

Take the time to make sure your skin is plump and moisturised. 

I’d recommend the £14.99 Nivea’s Essentially Enriched with Deep Nourishing Serum and Almond oil. 

You can also use body shimmers and body oils.

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3. Perfume

Having your aroma introduce your presence is always a plus. 

Make sure to buy a signature perfume of your choice and to keep body spray in your car for emergencies.

4. Matching Sets

When in doubt of what to wear, always keep a matching clothing set stored away for emergencies. 

This works for casual wear (yoga sets/ workout sets) as well as more formal events (suit sets).

5. Press-On Nails

You want to keep press-on nails for an emergency. 

They’re so trendy with different designs, cost-efficient, and have an easy application.

Superdrug is selling packs for as low as £4.99.

6. Hair Extensions

Let’s face it, your hair is your crown. 

Adding extensions, such as wigs, clip-ins, or ponytail can bring more life to your beautiful mane.

7. Accessories

Feeling like your appearance needs more of a dazzle to it?

Make sure to add belts, hats (fedoras), scarves, jewellery, purses to enhance your appearance.

8. Makeup

You don’t always have to wear a full face of makeup, but it wouldn’t hurt to know how to shape your eyebrows up or get microblading treatments and apply lip tint or lip gloss.

Eyebrows give your face structure and lip tint/ gloss make your lips more appealing.

9. Open toe shoes

Open toe shoes are always more feminine and sexier. 

However, your toes nails MUST be polished.

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10. Lashes

Long luscious lashes always make your face softer and more feminine. 

You can opt for lash extensions or buy lash strips at your local beauty shop, with the cheapest packs at Superdrug being £1.49.

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