I’m an appliance expert – you’re separating your clothes the wrong way, colors don’t matter | The Sun

I’m an appliance expert – you’re separating your clothes the wrong way, colors don’t matter | The Sun


WHETHER you carefully sort through your clothes by color or just dump everything into the machine together, you're doing your laundry all wrong.

It turns out you should be separating your laundry, just not in the way you'd think.

TikToker and appliance expert Renae revealed the best way to separate clothes is actually by weight.

Washing your heavier items in their own load occasionally can help pro-long the life of your washing machine.

"Take into consideration how heavy your clothing items would be if they were sopping wet with water," Renae explained.

"Obviously, jeans and T-shirts are two completely different weights when they’re wet. So if you put those in the laundry together it’s probably going to shake a lot more during a spin and it could wear your shock absorbers out prematurely."

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While it is good practice to wash your clothes by weight, Renae doesn't suggest you have to do it all the time.

"Now does that mean you shouldn’t be washing your jeans and T-shirts together, forever? No, I do it all the time."

The hack also helps the drying process, as different fabric types and weights dry at various rates.

Renae also told her followers that while separating your laundry by color does serve a purpose, preventing colors running may not be a constant battle.

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"In most cases, that might be more important to do the first time you wash something, when there might still be a little bit of dye in it," said the appliance expert.

Her followers took to the comment section to marvel at her new tip.

"Validation! My husband always makes fun of me for washing our jeans separately," wrote one user.

Another viewer said: "I do jeans and towels together, separate from my lighter weight clothes. Always have."

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