I'm a woman who doesn't shave – some people think I'm ugly for being hairy but I make $20k a month for it | The Sun

I'm a woman who doesn't shave – some people think I'm ugly for being hairy but I make $20k a month for it | The Sun


A WOMAN has revealed she’s making over $20,000 a month thanks to her unconventional appearance.

The influencer, who posts under the handle @ittybittycherry, regularly shares travel and lifestyle videos with almost 130,000 followers on TikTok.

She took to the social media platform to reveal that she earns a staggering amount of money by opting not to shave her body hair.

The woman lay on her bed with her arm above her head as she revealed the lengthy dark hair growing underneath. 

“You guys may think I’m ugly for being hairy but I make $20k a month not to shave,” read the text over the video. 

Viewers were quick to reassure the woman that she’s “beautiful” regardless of her decision not to remove her body hair.

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“At least I’ll have blue bills to wipe my tears with #hairyarmpit #hairygirlproblems,” she captioned the post. 

The TikTok star, who refers to herself as an “all natural earth-loving free spirit”, also creates content for OnlyFans.

She previously opened up about dating a man who offered to pay the cost of her laser hair removal because he didn’t like it.

“I’m so glad I didn’t do that and let my younger self get manipulated.

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"I wouldn't be successful now and it’s painful,” she said.

The woman, who embraces her natural beauty, revealed she’s often quizzed about how she maintains her excessive body hair.

“The number one thing asked is how frequently I shower,” she said.

“The way you guys are concerned about this, you would think you can smell me through the phone.

“I shower like every other day or maybe every three days. 

“It’s not like I’m never showering, it’s just not as often as it would be if I were around people and not swimming.”

She explained that she swims multiple times a day and said her body hair doesn’t get itchy. 

She claims it also doesn't smell because she regularly uses deodorant.

The woman revealed she hasn’t cut the hair on her head in years and hit back at the people who ask why she doesn't shave.  

“I wanna ask why do you shave, is it because everybody else does it?” she asked.

“Is it because you like the way your skin feels when it’s smooth?

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“Is it because there’s a bunch of ads telling you that you need to shave to be pretty?

“Because guess what you don’t.”

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