I'm a vet tech & there are certain dog breeds we dread coming in – they're notorious for biting us | The Sun

I'm a vet tech & there are certain dog breeds we dread coming in – they're notorious for biting us | The Sun


A VET tech has revealed the dog breeds she dreads seeing the most because more often than not, they'll try and bite her.

Courtney (@vettechcourt) posted a video where she offered a glimpse into how she really feels when you bring your pooch into the clinic.

And it's not good news if you own any of the following breeds…

In the clip, Courtney explains: "Dog breeds who are notorious for trying to bite working as a vet tech."

She then goes on to reel off the list, which includes a Chihuahua, Boxer and Shar-Pei.

Not stopping there, she continues: "Husky, Dachshund, Shiba Inu, French Bulldog and Chow Chow."


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The video has since gone viral, racking up over 70k views and endless comments – with pet owners and vets all keen to offer their own opinions.

"Omg I’ve only ever met like two mean Boxers – I love the wiggles!" wrote one.

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Courtney replied: "I do too! I loveee them! But I see some crazy ones at my clinic."

A second penned: "Yes two of those breeds are the only dogs I've been bitten by."

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A third quipped: "Well this explains a lot, my dog is a Charpei x Shiba x Chihuahua mix."

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: "My lab and rotti are perfectly mannered at the vet. My border collie would definitely bite."

Another commented: "I knew Dachshund would be in there."

A further added: "My friends make fun of me because I’m scared of weenies.

"I worked front desk at a large vet ER & they’re mean little slinkies."

And one more chimed in: "I agree with everything but Boxers!"

Courtney responded: "I had two that tried to bite today!"

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