I'm a size 18 & it's not 'fatist' if airports weigh me like I'm luggage – if you don't like it, go on a diet | The Sun

I'm a size 18 & it's not 'fatist' if airports weigh me like I'm luggage – if you don't like it, go on a diet | The Sun


TRAVELLING can be a nerve-racking business – running to the airport, making sure you’ve got a taxi booked and your luggage is below the airport luggage allowance.

And now travellers departing from the two major Seoul airports will be expected to have their weight recorded at check in.

South Korean airline giant, Korean Air, stunned holidaymakers by announcing they will be weighed along with hand-luggage.

The government has dubbed the new policy "crucial for safety of flight operations".

It comes as New Zealand implemented a similar system earlier this year.

People on social media have dubbed the policy “fatist” with one saying: “This is messed up,” while another shared: “That is incredibly invasive and demeaning”. 

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But for single size 18 Claire Dee, 40, from Swansea, South Wales, it just makes sense.

She weighs 14st 7lb and knows the scales would like not tip in her favour.

“I’m big… if I had a problem with that, I’d diet,” she told Fabulous.

“You get women bigger than me saying they are 11 or 12 stone but unless they are 4ft 8ins then their days of being small are long behind them.

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“Being plus size you have to accept that you can’t fit in standard clothes shop sizes.

“Fairground rides are off limits – and I don’t see why aeroplanes should be any different.”

She even went so far as to say the policy was a GOOD idea – as it would encourage people to shed the pounds or accept who they are.

“Just like I wouldn’t be offended by being told I can’t go on a childs ride as I’m not a child, I’m not going to be offended to be weighed,” she said.

“It’s not as if they are going to burst out laughing when they see the scale read ‘14st 7lb. We’re all adults.

“Surely safety comes first and on the plus side you will have a more comfortable flight with fewer passengers.

“I also think a small fee is also appropriate if a person is particularly large and takes up a bit more than one seat as it will be more comfortable for them and the other passengers.

“At not far off 15 stone I fit comfortably in plane seats, so you’d have to be pretty large to not fit comfortably in one.”

She said if she put on more weight she would happily pay the extra amount for a bigger seat.

“If I was to put on more weight which had me spilling onto the extra seat then I’d be happy to pay more or if I wasn’t happy then I’d have to diet to keep myself and other passengers safe and comfortable.

“A child over three years old has to pay for a full seat when they only take a small part of the seat, so someone taking up one-and-a-half of a seat should definitely have to pay.

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“Just accept responsibility.”

She added: "Come on guys, just be happy with what you are… you can't be a jockey at 6ft 6ins but you can't be a supermodel at 4ft 10ins."

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