I’m a savvy mum and NEVER cook on weeknights – it’s all thanks to my easy routine, here’s what I do | The Sun

I’m a savvy mum and NEVER cook on weeknights – it’s all thanks to my easy routine, here’s what I do | The Sun


GETTING home from a long day of work only to have to cook dinner for everyone can be exhausting.

Of course, there's always the option of a cheeky takeaway, but it's not the most healthy option and can quickly add up as well.

One mum shared how she manages to avoid pricey takeaways and still doesn't have to cook dinner for her family on weeknights.

Savvy mum and cooking whizz Alex Mac posted on her TikTok account @mac.larena to explain how she does it.

"I used to get home from work at 5:30pm, my kids were starving, I was exhausted, I had absolutely no motivation to cook," she said.

After relying on ready meals for a while, she knew something had to change, "It's fun in moderation but it's not something I want to be feeding my family all the time," she added.

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Instead of replying on microwave meals to get her through those weeknights, Alex started meal prepping for her whole family.

First, she recommended buying a food chopper to save time when cooking.

Then on Saturday morning or early afternoon when you're pottering, chop up all your vegetables and any other food prep that you think you can get done.

Alex explained that on Saturday evening when she's making dinner, she always makes two dinners, she said: "You're making Saturday night's supper and Monday's supper at the same time."

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Then on Sunday she does the same, making dinner for that night and for Tuesday.

She added: "Bonus points if you make a casserole, you can double it and put one in the freezer for next week."

On Wednesday the money saving mum then uses one of the frozen meals from her freezer to heat up.

Thursday is the perfect opportunity to make sure nothing is going to waste.

She said: "Empty your fridge, everyone picks what they like, then Friday you can do something easy like a frozen pizza."

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Other parents loved the meal prepping idea, one said: "Yes I love having meals to grab a couple of days a week!"

A second said: "Oh I will be trying this. I'm burnt out and this is genius."

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