I'm a nanny for a millionaire and I get a weekly spending allowance of £1K but it’s so hard to stay in budget, trust me | The Sun

I'm a nanny for a millionaire and I get a weekly spending allowance of £1K but it’s so hard to stay in budget, trust me | The Sun


YOU might think being a nanny isn't the highest earning job, but one woman claims she rakes in loads of cash thanks to her millionaire employers.

Mikayla Matthews says she gets to go on loads of posh holidays and even gets a generous weekly spending allowance as part of her job.

She often post clips showing her life on YouTube, and you could be fooled into thinking life looks pretty sweet for her, but according to Mikayla it's harder than people realise.

"I'm tired of you guys acting like being a nanny to a millionaire is easy," she said in one clip.

According to Mikayla her gym membership is paid for, along with her her daily Starbucks drink and snack.

But in her eyes that's the least her employer could do.



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"Do you expect me to stave," she joked.

The benefits don't end there though, she also gets to fly first class with the family on their various trips, and her weekly budget means she can treat herself to almost anything she likes too.

"I actually have a limit on how much I can spend every week," she explained.

Sometimes Mikayla even spends her budget, which she claims is over £1,000, before the end of the week.

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"I have four days when I basically can't spend any money so it's really had to find things to do for the rest of the week when I can't spend his money," she said.

But as far as she's concerned her work is worth every penny, especially with all the early mornings.

Recently, she's jetted off to Disneyland Florida, France and Switzerland with the family, and gets to enjoy a taste of the finer things in life with them.

The nanny has amassed over 225k subscribers on YouTube thanks to the glimpses into her luxe life, and most people love getting her work updates.

One commented: "You are living my dream."

And a second was stunned by her weekly budget: "Ain’t no way you spend all that in a week, give me some."

Another agreed: "Stop spending so much. That's a good amount of money to be spending every week. A lot of people make that in a month."

However, not everyone was convinced Mikayla was being totally honest about her nannying gig.

In a video of the family and Mikayla in Disneyland she could be seen holding hands the the 'millionaire' dad.

"Wait do you actually nanny or is that a joke bc you're holding his hand," one person pointed out.

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"Well I doubt you're the nanny unless you're publicly trying to say that you're doing s*** with the husband because you holding his hand would indicate you're actually probably dating or married to him.

"Unless you would like to be the other woman and cheating but stop doing things for your use cuz it's trashy."

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