I’m a nail tech and get my kit from Shein – people are stunned when I tell them but it doesn’t look cheap at all | The Sun

I’m a nail tech and get my kit from Shein – people are stunned when I tell them but it doesn’t look cheap at all | The Sun


A NAIL tech who gets some of her kit from Shein has left people stunned by how luxurious the tools look – with some costing less just £1.

Perla, who does manicures through her business Get Set With Perla, wanted to expand her kit and decided to give Shein a chance.

The self-styled “beginner nail tech” was impressed by the quality of the products and took to Tik Tok to share them.

She narrated: “I’m doing a little nail tech Shein haul.

“I did get quite a few things.

“I got four little organisers and small ones to disinfect my drill bits.”

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Her most talked about purchase was nail colour displayers in a butterfly shape that you link on to the gel bottles handle. 

It costs just £1.75 for 50 pieces and Perla painted each one by hand before sticking them on their respective bottles.  

When the newly bejewelled bottles were arranged, some people compared the finished product to Minnie Mouse ears.

Perla continued: “I also got a case for my lint-free wipes, a rhinestone remover, tape for coffin tips, square tips.

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“I bought a few different types of zodiac sign charms, letters, green rhinestones and pink ones, of course.”

The nail tech also scooped up drills for just £1 that were identical to one she paid £15 for at a nail supply shop. 

Perla is not taking clients at the moment while she expands her kit and builds on her skills.

People flocked to the comments to share their shock that Shein had such luxurious-looking nail tools.

Others shared Perla's sentiment about getting their manicure bits from there.

One beamed: “Shein has the best nail stuff.”

Another said: “The brushes and rhinestone remover are bomb.”

One nail tech who had the same idea as Perla said that she ordered a haul two weeks ago from Shein and was now excited for it to arrive.

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Viewers naked the new nail tech to post reviews of the products as and when she uses them. 

Shein has 40 pages of nail tools and accessories listed on its website, with some being sold for as low as 20p.

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