I'm a mum – people dress code us all the time and say we can't wear crop tops but I love to prove them wrong | The Sun

I'm a mum – people dress code us all the time and say we can't wear crop tops but I love to prove them wrong | The Sun


A WOMAN has hit back at people who say mums can’t wear crop tops, as she showed exactly why she doesn’t listen to the dress coding.

In a TikTok video posted by @just_lovelee_boutique, a mum wrote: “When somebody says moms can’t wear crop tops.” 

@just_lovelee_boutique, which is a US fashion brand, then showed how she completely ignores the so-called fashion rule and proves critics wrong every single time. 

The mum stepped out in a simple black crop top, which emphasised her toned midriff.  

The brunette paired the t-shirt with a pair of casual black leather trousers.

She added in the caption: “Moms [& gmas] don’t have a dress code.”

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They added the hashtags #fashionista, #mother, #motherhood and #momlife. 

Emphasising her point to the brand’s 5000 plus followers even further, she added a klaxon, telling everyone to listen up and spread the word.  

And it wasn’t long before other social media users were flocking to the comments to say how amazing she looked. 

One fellow TikTok user wrote: “Hahaha I love it!”

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A second said they were completely behind her, as they typed: “Accurate.” 

While others were quick to compliment the all-black ensemble that could be worn from day to night.

Someone else added: “Such cute pants!”

While another said: “Ummm and those pants?!!!”

This isn’t the first time that a mum has shown that she doesn’t listen to the fashion do’s and don'ts.

TikTok user Kim Chitaro recently fired back at trolls who blasted her low-cut outfits and told her they were not suitable for a parent to be wearing.

Showing she doesn’t take their comments seriously, Kim, whose profile is @kimchitaro, posted a direct response on her account. 

In the video, she could be seen modelling a low-cut, fitted mint summer dress. 

Over the top of it, she wrote: “You can't dress like that, you are a mum.”

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However, she silenced her critics in no uncertain terms by adding in the caption:

“I didn’t know moms had a dress code.”

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