I'm a mum-of-four and these are my best parenting hacks – from keeping your kids entertained in the car and the bath | The Sun

I'm a mum-of-four and these are my best parenting hacks – from keeping your kids entertained in the car and the bath | The Sun


ARE you struggling to juggle parenthood, whilst keeping your children entertained?

Being a parent is hard and with a to-do-list that is constantly growing, if there’s anything that will make your life easier and keep your children happy for longer, we all want to know about it. 

Shannon Doherty, 37, is an entrepreneur and mommy vlogger and is one of the top content creators on TikTok with over 1.3 million followers.

Shannon is known for her viral parenting hacks, DIY activities, recipes, and crafts that make parent’s lives easier and children’s lives more exciting. 

The mum-of-four from Darien, Connecticut, is the founder of At Home with Shannon, where she regularly posts her clever, but simple, mum hacks. 

Mum to Leontine, 8, Colton, 7, Fallon, 5, and Hunter 3, Shannon previously worked in finance and real estate, and studied law, but is now using social media to share her genius, “life-saving” super-mom hacks. 

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So if you are interested in mum hacks and want to find out more, you’ve come to the right place.

One of Shannon’s top hacks involves a simple method to ensure your kids are kept entertained in the car.

This top tip involves a shoe rack organiser, yes, you heard that correctly.

Shannon advises: “Tie your shoe rack organiser behind the front seat and fill it with everything your family may need for the road trip.”

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In the video, we see Shannon putting her children’s items into the organiser – headphones, a drink, a fan, a hairbrush, wipes and more.

By putting all of your child’s items in front of them, this is much more likely to keep your child entertained throughout the journey and also makes it easy for them to reach items, rather than having to search through a bag. 

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Many TikTok users loved Shannon’s car hack and took to the comments to express this.

One person said: “Your hacks are genius!!!”

Another added:  “I LOVE this. Thank you for posting!”

What’s more, if you find that your kids are always hungry on road trips, Shannon has another car hack for you.

Shannon’s ‘snackle box’ hack has left TikTok users very impressed and is very simple to do.

The mum-of-four advises: “Grab a tackle box, yes, the kind for fishing.

“Fill it with your family’s favourite little snacks – it’s their own charcuterie.” 

With this simple hack, kids are sure to keep themselves entertained, as they tuck into their favourite bites on a long car journey. 

TikTokers loved this clever hack, as one commented: "My kids would love that! So smart!!".

While someone else said: "This looks so genius."

But Shannon’s hacks don’t stop there, if you struggle to keep your kids entertained in the bath and need some advice, Shannon has something for you.

Shannon advises: “Want bath time to be more organised for you? All you need is a shower rad and some cute baskets.”

In Shannon’s TikTok video, we see her hanging the baskets over the rad.

She can then put a selection of her child’s toys into the baskets, making it quick and easy for the child to find what they want to play with.

But if you’re struggling with things to put in the baskets, Shannon has some great ideas that you must try.

Shannon recommends using glow sticks – she said they are “fun and perfect for a party bath at night”.

As well as this, she advises using foaming shaving cream, as it is “fun to play and paint with” and will keep your kids entertained while having their daily bath.

Another one of Shannon’s simple hacks that you could put in a basket are frozen plastic toys.

Shannon recommends freezing plastic toys in ice cube trays and letting your kids play and defrost them in the bath.

Doing so adds another element to the bath time fun, rather than just handing your child a toy to play with. 

If that wasn’t enough, Shannon has shared her simple DIY water balloon hack that you must try. 

The mum hack expert explains: “My family loves playing with water balloons but uses them all in five minutes and they’re pretty expensive, so I have a hack for you.

“Grab a pack of sponges and cut slits in the sides.

“Put two together with a hair tie and you’ve got reusable water balloons to last all summer long.” 

Thanks to this clever hack, your children can keep themselves entertained either in the bath or outside with siblings and friends.

Shannon assures parents that these simple hacks will make their lives much easier, but if you are a struggling parent and need some advice, fear not, Shannon has some top tips for you.

The mum-of-four advises: “Do not over think it! Not everything has to be perfect! Just try! That is really all that matters. 

“Also every day is a new day, wake up and tell yourself it is going to be the best day ever (And let your kids know that too! It sets the tone for the entire day!). 

“Also remind yourself that time is short, and goes by fast so just be as present as you can. 

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“And do not compare yourself to others, you are doing the best you can for you and your family.

“Approach every day as a new day. Try not to stress out about the little things in life and celebrate every single moment you can.”  

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