I’m a mum-of-5 and do just 12 food shops a YEAR – I only spend 61p per person per meal, it works out so cheap

I’m a mum-of-5 and do just 12 food shops a YEAR – I only spend 61p per person per meal, it works out so cheap


A MUM has revealed how she does just one food shop a month for her family of seven.

Meghan and her husband Marcus live with their five children, Israel, 9, Ezra, 7, Johanna, 5, Zion, 3, and Nola, 1, in the US.

With such a large family, Meghan is always on the hunt for the best bargain buys without having to pop to the shops every week.

Instead, she makes one trip to two supermarkets a month to stock her cupboards full.

She shared a video of the family's enormous haul on her YouTUbe channel, Planting Birches.

Meghan explained: "We go to the store once a month and get all the things."


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The mum visited two stores in total, Sam's Club and Meijer with the help of her sister.

Meghan spent a total of £390 ($515), on groceries and household items for the month.

She came away with a five-lb bag of apples, 2kg of chocolate chips for baking, 6 packs of spaghetti, 8-lb of rice, 2 litres of apple sauce, 12-lb peanut butter and four packs of crackers from Sam's Club just to name a few.

The mum spend a total of £217 on Sam's Club and said 'That's a slightly higher side of life but it's for the month right, good stuff.'

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Meghan then proceeded to the next store Meijer, where she picked up a selection of grocery and household products.

She nabbed surface cleaner, laundry detergent, bleach and toiletries, as well as fruit and pantry staples such as pancake mix, cornbread and brownie mixture.

The mum spent a grant total of £172 ($227), the mum filled two trollies with food and household items to last her family of seven for the month.

By buying groceries once a month, Meghan is able to keep the cost of each meal down to just 61p per person.

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