I’m a hot gran – people are shocked by my age & no-one can believe my daughter is 31 | The Sun

I’m a hot gran – people are shocked by my age & no-one can believe my daughter is 31 | The Sun


PEOPLE have believed that beauty has an age limit, causing many to resort to anti-aging measures or even lying about their age.

One woman has no qualms sharing her age and is proud of her look and family title.

Lalie is a Canadian digital content creator and grandmother to a 10 year old grandson.

In a Truly interview posted to TikTok, she revealed what it's like to be a hot grandmother.

"When I tell people my age they're shocked," she said.

"My daughter is 31-years-old and my grandson just turned 10," she added.

Lalie revealed that she is 53-years-old and unapologetically living her best life.

"I don't feel I'm 53," she said. "I think my heart, my mind, I'm still a teenager."

The Quebecoise beauty started a career in TikTok to share her youthful passion for life.

"I started my TikTok in summer 2020," she revealed. "What's fun about TikTok is you can be whoever you want. You can be a rockstar."

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The gorgeous gran shared her speculation as to why her content blew up on the social media platform.

"I think people love my vibes," she gushed.

"I don't look like the average grandma," she said. I'm a hot grandma."

Fans of Lali took to the comment section of the video to share their thoughts.

"She looks 53 but she looks great!" one wrote. "There’s nothing wrong with aging."

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"This is awesome!" another added. "We are as young as we feel."

"She don't look her age at all," a third wrote. "She's looking good."

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