I’m a home whizz – my 10p hack makes even £3 supermarket flowers last for a fortnight | The Sun

I’m a home whizz – my 10p hack makes even £3 supermarket flowers last for a fortnight | The Sun


EVERYONE loves having a gorgeous bouquet of flowers on display in their home, but given they wilt so quickly, it often feels like an expense that can’t be justified. 

But one savvy TikToker claims that she has a method that makes your blooms stay vibrant for at least a fortnight – and you’ll already have everything you need in your cupboard.

Brittany, a lifestyle blogger who uses the name Five Foot Feminine on her socials, has racked up 317k followers on her TikTok account, where she shares tips and hacks to keep your home looking gorgeous. 

And in a recent video she caused a furore by claiming that adding bleach to your bouquet will make it last way longer. 

“It seems kind of scary,” she confessed in the voiceover of a video where she demonstrated on her own flowers, “but trust me, it works.” 

Add a tiny bit of bleach, Brittany recommends in the clip, as well as some sugar “to keep the florals fed”. 

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“I promise they’ll last 10 times longer,” she concludes. 

In the caption of her video, the canny homemaker explains that she’d use around 1/4 tablespoon of bleach per litre or so of water, which she claims helps keep “the vase water clear and bacteria free”. 

Brittany’s nifty hack racked up a huge 870k views, with TikTokers deciding to put her method to the test with their own bouquets. 

One who posts using the handle @inhouselash added bleach to their Tesco tulips which cost just £3 a bunch, claiming the unlikely addition kept their blooms looking fresh for a fortnight. 

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The science behind the nifty trick is that the antibacterial components in bleach stop harmful microorganisms from growing, which would otherwise cause the plants to decay. 

And it’s not the only simple trick that viewers swear by to keep flowers looking lush for longer. 

In the comment section of another video, one user suggested also adding a 2p coin to the vase. 

Some people believe the metal acts as an antimicrobial agent much like bleach does. 

Cheap supermarket vodka also seems to do the trick – the high alcohol content means it also kills germs. 

And some flower buffs reckon that placing your flowers in the fridge at night is actually the best way to revive wilting blooms!

The cool temperature helps slow down the process of water loss, and keeps petals looking crisp for way longer. 

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