I'm a Dunkin Donuts superfan – going through the drive-thru can make the biggest difference to your coffee order | The Sun

I'm a Dunkin Donuts superfan – going through the drive-thru can make the biggest difference to your coffee order | The Sun


A DUNKIN' superfan has captured exactly why going through the drive-thru at the coffee-chain can make a huge difference to your order.

The TikTok user captured a heated exchange between two employees through the to-go window and joked that "the argument made the coffee 10x better."

Brieana Banks initially took to the social media app to give a review of a new flavor, but ended up witnessing employees "straight beefing."

"Not the dunkin employees straight beefing the entire time I'm trying to get my coffee," Banks wrote in a text overlay while she recorded her hilarious reaction.

While she profusely thanked the worker at the window for her drinks, an employee can be heard in the background saying, "Suck it up butter cup."

"So then leave," the other person says.

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Banks asked a worker at the window for another straw during the commotion and he said, "I'm sorry."

But she played it cool and told him it was okay.

"You're sorry?" the other worker snapped after apparently overhearing the conversation.

Despite the tension, Banks humorously said the coffee was "10x better" after the argument.

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She reviewed a cake batter iced latte and also ordered her "go to" a small cold brew with two pumps of butter pecan and one cream.

While she only gave the cake batter "4/10," Banks took a sip of the go-to order and said, "she's my pride and joy. She never misses."

TikTok users took to the comments to applaud Banks on her cool attitude and laugh at the awkward situation.

"Ok because I saw thank you after every single thing too," a user said.

The original poster responded, "I was trying to often the tone," with crying laughing emojis.

"Your seamless transition into your coffee review after them fighting HAHAHA love it," someone else commented.

Banks responded, "not letting that energy interrupt my day."

"No because I work at dunkin during the day and this is spot on," another commenter said.

No matter what happened, Banks seemed to be unphased as she captioned her post, "the obsession with dunkins butter pecan continues."

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