I’m a dog trainer – five breeds I would not recommend, I feel sorry for anyone who tries to make the second a pet | The Sun

I’m a dog trainer – five breeds I would not recommend, I feel sorry for anyone who tries to make the second a pet | The Sun


A DOG trainer has used her personal experience to shed light on five breeds she would not recommend as a household pet.

The animal lover shared her expertise online with one, in particular, she advised against the most.

Cheyenne (@dogtrainingwithchey) shares dog training advice on her TikTok account.

She uses her extensive knowledge of the matter to offer free educational resources for pet parents, so they're prepared to raise them.

In a TikTok video, she listed her top five breeds that she suggests to be wary of bringing home, especially as a first-time dog owner.

Not one to waste time, the curly-haired woman kicked off the video almost instantly with the first animal, the Working Line German Shepherd.

"You need to give them an outlet for their genetic needs and provide a very structured environment for them at an early age to prevent any behavioral issues," she said.

Because they are a "full-time job," according to the content creator, failure to set these boundaries could lead owners to pay a heavy price.

The second dog, Karakachans, is not commonly found in the United States.

Also known as the Bulgarian Sheep Dog, they are one of the oldest breeds in Europe.

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"They are very independent and not supposed to be in your household," she explained. "I feel very sorry for you if you ever tried to make this a household pet."

Next, she introduced viewers to Finnish Karelian Bear Dogs, which are supposedly bred to be without humans and spend days in the wild hunting bears and guarding the land.

The penultimate dog, an Atlas Mountain Dog, can be found in the mountains of Morocco and are a lifestyle guardian breed.

Cheyenne states that they were bred to go hours on end at night to protect the land from strangers and predators, so they are not friendly to others dogs and humans.

An Akita took the last spot on her list, which can grow upwards to 130 pounds, and are incredibly independent and stubborn.

As another lifestyle guardian breed, they need to be socialized and trained because they're a lot of work and territorial.

She closed out her video with a gentle warning and a piece of advice for potential dog owners.

"Stop trying to make working lion breeds, or guardian breeds, household dogs, if you're not going to give them an outlet to do what they were bred to do," she said.

Numerous people were grateful for her statement and some even shared their own experiences in the comment section.

"Thanks. I own a GSD I agree. My GDS [sic] is Great with family hold and also with visitors. Is not very social though with other dogs even after I Socilized [sic]," one viewer shared.

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"Yeah but no one listens!" a fan commented.

"I’ll never forget my Akita dragged me with my bike. As a child lol," a TikTok user shared.

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