I’m a dermatologist & here’s what I do to look after my skin when flying – being on a plane is basically like a sunbed | The Sun

I’m a dermatologist & here’s what I do to look after my skin when flying – being on a plane is basically like a sunbed | The Sun


A BEAUTY expert has listed three tips to ensure your skin doesn't suffer when jetting off to an exotic destination or a sunny getaway this summer.

We're all familiar with that dry and dehydrated sensation on our skin when flying – but luckily, according to one whizz, Dr. Lindsey, there are a few tricks to prevent this from happening.

Taking to TikTok, the skincare guru shared three must-know tricks to make sure you're glowing and feeling your best the second you start your holiday.

SPF is a must

The first thing the dermatologist does whenever she boards a plane is shutting the window shade.

You might want to explore the views and admire the world from the sky, but as Dr. Lindsay revealed, being exposed to the harmful UV rays is not worth the risk.

''Flying at 30,000 feet for only an hour gives you about the same radiation as 20 minutes in a tanning bed,'' she said in her video.

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Special socks

Another tip she always follows when flying is grabbing a pair of compression stockings.

Explaining why, the pro said: ''This helps to prevent lower leg swelling and helps to stop varicose veins.''

According to NHS, varicose veins are enlarged veins that occur on the legs and feet.

Often blue and dark purple in colour, varicose veins are lumpy, bulging or twisted in appearance.

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Varicose veins are rarely a serious condition and do not usually require treatment.

Hydration station

Last but certainly not least, the skincare whizz strongly urged to turn your face into a ''glazed doughnut''.

''Flying is one of the most dehydrating things you can because of the super low humidity.

''I'll layer a thermal water spray, slug with Vaseline and seal it all with a face mask.''

She joked in the caption of the clip: ''The tea has been spilled.''

Thousands of people flocked to comments, where one said: ''

if you are going to close the window, don't take up a window spot.''

Another wrote: ''Not me with my whole head in the window for a portion of the flight.''

''Cries in flight attendant,'' someone else penned.

''Sunscreen and then a face mask? My skin would hate me,'' a person was not entirely convinced by the tips.

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