I’m a cooking pro, 5 things you shouldn’t cook in an air fryer from popcorn to steak | The Sun

I’m a cooking pro, 5 things you shouldn’t cook in an air fryer from popcorn to steak | The Sun


AIR fryers are everyone’s new favourite kitchen device, with a promise of cooking almost anything.

However, one cooking fan has warned that there are five food types that you shouldn’t put into your air fryer as they simply won’t cook well.

TikTok user Steph, who shares cooking tips and recipes on her profile @stephcooksstuff, shared what the experts say, before giving her hot take on whether they’re right or not.

She told her 269,000 followers: “There are a couple of things you shouldn’t cook in the air fryer. Crazy, right? Everything goes in the air fryer – but some things not so much.”

She started out by highlighting a popular snack – popcorn.

Steph explained: “It just doesn’t get hot enough, it won’t work.”

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She said it was a similar case with grains like rice, as it simply doesn’t “get hot enough to boil the water” and so it doesn’t cook properly. 

The third food item Steph spoke about was anything that has batter on it. 

She continued: “It’s just going to end up in a sloppy, soggy mess.”

However, she was quick to add that there are some exceptions. She said: “If it’s already pre-fried and you want to reheat it, the air fryer is perfect.”

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The penultimate food that won’t cook in the air fryer is leafy greens.

Steph went on to say: “They just turn into a shrivelled, crunchy thing like a chip, which is perfectly ok if you want a kale chip or something but, otherwise, not so great.”

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Finally, Steph said that people say you shouldn’t cook steak in an air fryer – but she had to disagree.

She concluded: “I think steak cooks beautifully in the air fryer but a lot of people think it doesn’t.”

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