I'm a cleaning whizz & have found the best 99p miracle product that'll remove stubborn oil stains in an instant | The Sun

I'm a cleaning whizz & have found the best 99p miracle product that'll remove stubborn oil stains in an instant | The Sun


IS there anything worse than throwing on a new top, only to get splashes of oil on it while doing the dinner.

Well, according to cleaning whizz Nat Milenkovska, that could soon be a problem of the past – and it's all thanks to a 99p miracle product that removes stubborn oil stains in seconds.

Nat took to TikTok and shared a post which she captioned: "DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR OIL STAINED CLOTHES!

"Watch to see how you can remove stubborn oil stains.

In the clip, she begins: "Guys, if you're anything like me, then you keep wearing your nice jumpers when you're cooking with oil."

Showing off a top covered in oil stains, she continues: "So as you can see here, I have some really stubborn oil stains, and I'm going to show you how to remove them."


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Nat then urges her social media followers to grab some eucalyptus oil, which can be bought for as little as 99p.

"I use a little syringe plunger thing so I can evenly distribute it over the stains," she says.


"So now you're just going to literally pour some over the oil stains.

"So what the eucalyptus oil does is it reactivates your stubborn stains."

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The cleaning whizz adds: "Now you can use this on new oil stains, old oil stains…I recently did a jumper that was stored away for a whole year and it works – this is a miracle…"

"So as you can see, I'm literally just going over every single spot that I can find…

"Once you have done this, just pop it into your washing machine and just do a normal cycle like you always do with your clothes.

"And then once it's dry, you'll see for yourself they are all gone!"

According to the cleaning experts at First for Women, eucalyptus oil "contains antibacterial compounds (specifically eucamalol and limonene) that make it a natural disinfectant" that can remove stubborn oil stains.

They go on to say that you simply dab the pen, coffee or grease stain with the oil, let it soak in, and then throw it into the washing machine.

Nat's video has since gone viral, garnering a whopping 247k views and several comments from social media users.

"It works!!!! Thank you," wrote one.

A second penned: "Saved my life – use it daily now on any oil stained clothes lol. Thank you!"

A third commented: "Yesss this worked on my country road sweats, i found out about it while visiting a eucalyptus distillery and my life changed that day."

Meanwhile, another noted: "Lifesaver!!"

And a further added: "AWESOME thank you for sharing!"

Elsewhere, others sharing some of the cleaning tips and tricks they swearby.

"Dishwashing liquid works," suggested one.

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A second advised: "Lemon essential oil works well too."

And one more recommended: "Dry shampoo."

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