I'm a cleaning guru – how to make sure you never have to dry up tupperware again | The Sun

I'm a cleaning guru – how to make sure you never have to dry up tupperware again | The Sun


ARE you fed up of unloading the dishwasher only to find that your tupperware and plastic items need thoroughly drying?

You’re not the only one, but luckily a cleaning guru has come up with a genius way to make sure that this is a thing of the past. 

Ashlee Jay, who shares home and cleaning hacks on her TikTok channel @ashleejay, uploaded a video titled: ‘Easy home hacks you wish you knew sooner.’  

She then goes through her top three home hacks for the kitchen – starting out with how to make sure you won’t have to spend precious minutes wiping up excess liquid when you could be doing something else.

Revealing her failsafe method, Ashlee showed how when the dishwasher’s cycle is finished, you simply add one more step.

She explained: “Use a tea towel at the end of the dishwasher cycle, over the door. 

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“Leave for 30 minutes to ensure everything dries.”

Once the time period is up, head back to the dishwasher and everything will be bone dry and ready to be put back into the kitchen cupboards.

But the dishwasher isn’t the only place Ashlee has thought up a trick for.

The home pro also shared how she’d mastered a technique to ensure the fridge is sparkling clean and without annoying finger prints.

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She continued: “Use baby oil and a microfibre cloth to buff your fridge. Leaving it shiny and finger print free.”

The last trick was to help clean awkward spots in the kitchen that are hard to reach.

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Ashlee showed how a knife wrapped in a damp dish cloth can fit into those “tight spots” and eliminate the dirt and dust.

The social media user’s followers lapped up the tips, as one wrote: “Love the tips!” 

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