I'm a cleaning expert – the way you're storing your bedsheets is making you SMELL… here's how to do it properly | The Sun

I'm a cleaning expert – the way you're storing your bedsheets is making you SMELL… here's how to do it properly | The Sun


A CLEANING expert has revealed the way you’re storing your bedsheets might be making you SMELL.

Folding them at the wrong time or storing them in the wrong place makes them smell musty… and that could transfer onto you in your sleep.

Sarah Jubb at Happy Beds was keen to point out that your bedsheets don’t need to be emitting “nasty odours”.

But to stop that, you’ll need to make some changes to your laundry and storing routine. 

She explained: “It is difficult to ensure your bedsheets stay fresh as they have come out of the washing machine and been put away in their designated spot. 

“You may struggle to fight that stale smell unless you have a dedicated linen closet to store your bedding.

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“This is because keeping your bedding in a place without air can lead to mould due to moisture developing, creating that musty smell.”

Jubb advised making sure your sheets are “thoroughly dry” before folding them up because “even the slightest dampness can cause mould and must problems”.

What’s more, storing your bedsheets in a bathroom cupboard “is the worst thing you can do”.

She said: “This cupboard can get extremely humid, causing mould and mildew to grow if left for long periods.

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“Instead, an airing or linen cupboard is the best place as it's a dry and dark area.” 

You can also store them under your bed or in a designated drawer in your bedroom.

And even though the idea has been popularised by home and cleaning influencers, you shouldn’t even store your sheets in a plastic box. 

This is because the plastic can emit gases which seep into your bedding and turn them yellow. 

Fabric storage bags are a better alternative, claimed Jubb.

She explained: “No matter how dry your bedding looks and feels, some moisture will always be within the fabric.

“So storing your bedsheets in an airtight container creates the perfect mould and mildew growth environment.”

The bedding guru also recommended changing your sheets once a week.

It may be a laborious task, but it keeps your sheets – and you – fresher.

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