I'm a beauty queen & won Miss Universe but I get trolled for not being a ‘blonde beach babe’

I'm a beauty queen & won Miss Universe but I get trolled for not being a ‘blonde beach babe’


A BEAUTY queen has revealed she gets trolled for not being a "blonde beach babe".

Maria Thattil, who has 77,000 followers on Instagram, has been dogged by rude comments since being chosen to represent Australia in the Miss Universe pageant.

The model, who's from Melbourne, told Mamamia: “One of the first questions I got asked by a colleague was whether the Miss Universe Australia organisation would really pick another Indian as they already had one?"

Although she was "shocked" by the comment, Maria, who went onto win Miss Universe, admits it “wasn’t the first time” she’d heard something like that.

The 28-year-old said: “In the lead up to the competition finals, I noticed people commenting in online forums that I didn’t look 'Australian enough'.

“Since winning, I’ve had non-Australians admit that I challenge their perception of an 'Australian beauty queen' as I don’t fit the tall, blonde ‘beach babe’ Aussie stereotype.”

Maria added: "As confronting as it may be, I do understand that the people asking these things are not necessarily ill-intentioned."

But she hopes winning the crown will help promote diversity, change people's opinions and inspire people from all different backgrounds.

She explained: "Since winning Miss Universe… I have been inundated with positive messages from people who are of various ethnic backgrounds.

"Many say that seeing this kind of representation is inspiring, and has spurred in them a sense of self-belief that they too can take up and create space."

Maria previously said she couldn't get a job because employers judge her for being "too attractive".

Meanwhile, even 'the most beautiful girl in the world' Yael Shelbia has been trolled for her looks.

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